2014.11.4~5 #leeseunggi #오늘의연애 filming fan account by Euro Airen

Mainly trandslated into EN(Christina WaNg제의)
cr:EURO AIREN via weibo

Seung Gi said that "Today's love" filming until 9th. and then, he'll prepare the new album.

Seung Gi sit on the "big drop" at a theme park for filming the movie these 2 days. He actually didn't eat much on the first day(we all knew he has acrophobia), and he kept filming the scene of sitting on it on the second day, too.....he said he felt the worst when he was asked about the feeling of sit on the "big drop" for the first time.

Euro Airen and 우리의 최강☆이승기 received that "lunch support" might have to be changed to dinner for the filming schedule was tight. He might not have time to come out. However, Seung Gi was out for a short time, and said he would come out at dinner time.

Seung Gi felt not well for sitting on the "big drop," however, he ate quite a lot when dinner time.^^

P.S. if Euro Airen posts more, I'll try to share with airen.

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