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Alright this bullshit annoyed me so here goes.

Some guy Adrian Chmielarz wrote a twitlonger http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sds3ch
He wrote it about the anonymous developer tumblr people have been talking about again recently http://anonymousdeveloper.tumblr.com/
> This is making rounds.
> I am saying there is no way to verify the story and that it is a bit weird. Maybe it’s fake,
> First, in 2013 there was a Holocaust game in the making, “Imagination is the Only Escape”. Guess who wrote positive articles about it? Polygon. Kotaku. Eurogamer. Joystiq. Destructoid.

Chmielarz is a lazy asshole. 2 minutes of google is enough to tell you that the game in question was really Sonderkommando Revolt. https://www.google.com/search?q=Sonderkommando+Revolt+game

It was a Wolfenstein mod being made by an Israeli developer and a small modding team. Looks like it was really the ADL who first complained about the game. Guess how the ADL got wind of the game. Kotaku wrote a story on it, then asked them for comment about it. And I can't say Kotaku or Brian Crecente stood up for "artistic expression" in video games suring this incdent.

Kotaku 1: https://archive.today/FiyUr (First report, notes Kotaku has reached out to ADL for comment)
Kotaku 2: https://archive.today/gxZMU (Article gets more into "problematic" nature of game; Some reasonable critcism from the Simon Wiesenthal Center)
Kotaku 3: https://archive.today/QUFny (Brian Crecente steps in. The ADL got back for comment and they are pissed. )
Kotaku 4: https://archive.today/B0F9u (Last report: Game now cancelled. Deve blames "emotional trauma" of media attention)

Kotaku ladies and gentlemen.

Other summaries: Gamepolitics: https://archive.today/rQ1DO | Haaretz: https://archive.today/ialtd | Heeb: https://archive.today/ndpfX "It just killed me emotionally…I can’t eat, barely sleep, can’t work or function." | Blogpost "In defense of Sonderkommando Revolt ": https://archive.today/x6ZHY

And of course from the horse's mouth: http://anonymousdeveloper.tumblr.com/
> You see, journalists found us…And oh, were they offended by our little project….. And then came the harassment.
> Let’s define what harassment is: Persistent, unwanted, and aggressive pressure or intimidation. We became very familiar with this definition,
> Dig up their phone number to tell it to them in person. Dig up their family’s phone numbers…Write hundreds of articles across hundreds of different sites for how offensive you are…
> Nobody is going to report it because they’re not involved with Kotaku and/or not a high-profile woman. You, your family, and friends will suffer in silence,

Nice work Crecente. Way to sic the dogs on a dev. Great job by Kotaku all round. Way to stand up for artistic freedom in games. You jackbooted assholes.

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