I translated a part of the article about Adam Lambert in Peruvian newspaper ‘El Comercio’ today November 2, 2014…sorry for my poor English ;)

The Celebrity Costumes - A Halloween of Stars.

One of the most anticipated events is the party that makes the singer Adam Lambert. For second year, the star invited numerous friends in Los Angeles to go with their best costumes.

Lambert, as seen in the picture to the side, did not waste the opportunity to get all the possible hair and create a very particular werewolf, helped by contact lenses. If the host wanted to highlight, then go he got it.

Photo caption:
Big Bad Wolf. Adam Lambert hosted a party full of creative costumes.

People: Around 300 people attended the Lambert’s party, which lasted until dawn.

Source: El Comercio – Luces C18 – Sunday November 2, 2014.

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