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2nd Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

Freedom Wars: Voice Customization Awareness

If you are unhappy with the voice customisation being scrapped, there are four things you can use to spread awareness, and to use when complaining to the developers:
Screenshot of the Korean version of Freedom Wars with the voice feature intact. This dispels Nick's statement about it being "too hard for non-Japanese players".

See >>

Screenshot of in-game dialogue with NPCs that explain the voice customisation feature to you. See >>

Screenshot of the game's manual which mentions voice customisation. See >>

Screenshot of working on Korean Version

A video or audio clip of English speech working fine with the feature. There is a WebM file here: >


Propa-kun and your accessory read out your first name aloud. If your first name is 美香ちゃん then your accessory will call you "Mika-chan". If your first name is Steve, she will call you "Suutibu". You can customise what your accessory says after Code 6. You can make her say "fuck my moist ass" every time she picks up a civilian or something.

Propa-kun and accessories no longer say your first name, they instead call you TOGABITO (咎人), which is Japanese for "criminal", and what the original game called "sinners". The reason for this is that the text-to-voice software cannot recognise Chinese names like 胡錦濤, or Korean names like 김정일. They decided to scrap this altogether since most players would probably use names from their native language. But, they can still customise what their accessory says in battle, in Japanese.

Everything is gone. Nick (the dev) said that it's too difficult to implement.

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