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1st Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

Long tweet about the @TeamEnVyUs roster situation. Please read.

As many of you know, last night our team had a premature discussion about the future of the Envy roster for Advanced Warfare and MLG Season 1. Here's the actual story.

Matt approached me about really wanting to team with Crimsix on the next game and Crim had expressed his interest in teaming with Damon. This put Merk and I in a tough position but both of us being long time veterans have dealt with this scenario before. The only thing that made this specific situation different than others is the fact we had won the last 2 major championships and made 3 out of 4 Grand Finals. After chatting quite a bit about it with Joe, we were leaning toward making the change but still agreed to discuss it with the team in full after ESWC.

At dinner last night, Nameless had some suspicion that we were considering a change. He came to the table and flat out asked if this was the case. Instead of lying to Anthony's face, Joe told him the absolute truth. This led to Anthony and Kap being angry for good reason. Of course they immediately began entertaining options and it led to this leaking out on Twitter. This wasn't something we wanted to happen before the tournament was over. It wasn't planned, but at least we had the honor not to lie to our teammates faces.

So of course the snowball effect happened and everyone began to give Formal and I hate. However, I'm here to say that we will not be parting ways with Nameless and JKap. I took the appropriate time to think about the situation instead of being forced to make one immediately. I just could not allow myself to release Jordan and Anthony this way. I care about them too much and they wouldn't deserve that. I legitimately love this team as brothers. This includes Matt who should not be blamed WHATSOEVER. His desire to further his career and aspire to team with players he feels comfortable with in a new game with new mechanics is completely understandable and I think all of the pro players out there would agree to a certain extent. He should in no way be hated in this situation. This situation is completely normal and has been for years not only in eSports but in all of sports. The difference here was that we were winning championships which seemed to make it much more fueled. Moving forward, Formal will be a Free Agent and our core 3 will remain looking for 1.

I hope all of the Envy fans out there can respect this decision. Although we lose and amazing player in Formal who gave us an incredible run, we'll persevere with whoever our new 4th is and do what we always do, try to win tournaments. We wish the best to Matt and hope he continues to have an amazing career. No one out there should hold anything against him.

To Merk, JKap and Nameless:

Love you guys, time to get back to work.


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