Statement regarding Peter Madden and the IRA accused.

I note that, this morning via the media, Peter Madden solicitor for the four IRA people who forced an investigation into my sexual abuse, at the hands of another IRA member, misrepresented a letter I sent to the army council of the IRA in 2000. Peter Madden has complained throughout of trial by media but was content to involve himself in this earlier today.

Context is everything and what Peter Madden failed to disclose was the content of the letter in its entirety. I am quite happy to release the entire letter into the public domain. I have never hidden it. I gave it to the police in 2010 when I made my criminal complaint. I did that because it proves that what I have been saying all along is true. This is the reason why Peter Madden has the letter in the first place - because it formed part of the evidence of the prosecution against the IRA. It is worth noting that the IRA didn’t disclose it to the police.

I did.

Peter Madden stated today that in that letter I referred to Briege Wright and Maura McCrory. Not true. The two women I was referring to were Siobhan O’Hanlon and Briege Wright, women who I had to deal with at the time of the second IRA investigation – and who had both had involvement in the first. I had been told by Padraig Wilson that the IRA were going to “discipline” the people involved in my forced investigation – as were other members of my family. I didn’t want anyone facing their own “kangaroo court”. I have previously dealt with this fact, in the statement which I issued to Slugger O’Toole – and entitled “Uncomfortable truths for Sinn Fein”.

The second IRA investigation came about because other allegations surfaced about my abuser. When those allegations became known the man unbeknownst to me was placed under immediate house arrest by the IRA. I learned of this on 23rd July 2000. He was then given money and was moved out of the jurisdiction once myself and my family made it plain that we wanted to go to the RUC. When I learned of this the IRA then forced investigation number two. The minute my family said we wanted to go to the police the IRA moved the perpetrator, so we couldn’t do so. Other witnesses corroborated this to both the police and the media. When I learned the abuser had gone I requested, through Siobhan O’ Hanlon, that she get me someone to meet with who could give me answers regarding how this man was able to "disappear" - and why it was being "covered up". The next day I was asked to go and meet two unnamed individuals. When I arrived at a flat in Glassmullan Gardens, Padraig Wilson and Marie Wright (Breige’s sister) were there on behalf of the IRA. They told me that the RUC had facilitated this man out of the country.

At that time I was barely 19 and didn’t know what to believe. I was in complete turmoil. The IRA first came to me in Oct/Nov 1999. By the time this letter was written, I had been put through hell for almost a year.

At the first “meeting” with the with two IRA representatives, I asked that the perpetrator be found so that he wouldn’t have access to other children. It is clear from my letter written to them that this was my main concern. It is also clear that I was using the language of a 19 year old at a time when I was distressed and frustrated with the republican movement.

Peter Madden said this letter proves I had an option of going to the RUC. Not true. The letter clearly sets out my frustration at not being able to go to the RUC which is why I referenced them in it. I wasn’t a member of the IRA. I had been put through two investigations at that stage and anyone around at that time can corroborate that I was severely traumatised - but I faced them down at the point when I was clearly frustrated that they had collectively covered up for a paedophile.

The letter proves that there was an IRA investigation - something which Sinn Fein has denied in a public way over the last number of weeks. It proves that I was forced into that investigation, i.e (“putting me through an investigation”.) It proves that I was clearly not happy with Finucane and Wilson who were the people making decisions for the IRA in my case. It proves that the IRA placed Morris under house arrest then disappeared him. It proves that the IRA and Morris had destroyed my life at that point.

And it proves that I was telling the truth.

Peter Madden may try to spin on behalf of the IRA clients who are hiding behind him - but no amount of spin can deny the truth of what happened to me. His clients have not once made themselves available to be questioned in detail on the issue.

I have. I think that speaks volumes.

After eventually listening to Peter Madden’s interview earlier, I consulted with my solicitor this morning with a view to issuing legal and civil proceedings against a number of individuals and entities. I reserve all of my legal rights in this regard.

I am happy to email the contents of the letter to any member of the media who wishes to have it.

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