Excite Music Japan's article on CNBLUE's first leg of Arena Tour in Budokan

Headline: "CNBLUE's first solo concert in Budokan attracted more than 26,000 people. 「The stage is where we belong」"

CNBLUE, a rock band based in Korea had concerts for the first time in Budokan. A 2-day concert has attracted more than 26,000 people. Lead vocalist, Yonghwa has named it as “CNBLUE’s best concert in history!”, giving it a start for CNBLUE 2014 WAVE Arena Tour.

The concert started with a soothing love song <Ring>. This time, their stage is similar to their last stage before their major debut <392>, using the similar setting of 4 directions rotating stage. Lead vocalist Yonghwa said: “It’s our first Budokan concert, (I’m) overwhelmed with emotions.” Guitarist and vocalist Jonghyun followed up with fluent Japanese saying: “We’ve considered the setlist for a long time and decided to set it as a winter themed concert. To our surprise, the weather outside isn’t that cold (laughs). It’s alright if it’s cold or warm!

Setlist for this concert is more focused on the latest album, WAVE. To date, there are many songs that are being played live for the first time, garnering cheers and applauses from audiences seated in the fully packed venue and bringing members’ emotions to its climax. Yonghwa expressed: “The album's name is <WAVE>, let’s create <WAVE> together with the people here!” The audiences who surrounded the round stage did a magnificent human wave, the performers on stage and the audiences became one.

Live in Budokan happened yet again after <FNC KINGDOM> concert held in March this year. “There’ll be FNC KINGDOM at the end of year too. Although it’s said that we're happy to be in a stage of our own, Kingdom will be as happy too! If you have time, please attend!” Yonghwa notified everyone like this. Jungshin mentioned: “There’ll be special collaboration stages, please anticipate them!” All of them talked about KINGDOM topic passionately.

Songs like <Foxy> and <I’m Sorry> that hyped up the crowd were being played, followed by continuous playing of songs till last song <Radio>. “I’m really happy. It’s the return of Arena Tour, a stage that makes people happy!” Yonghwa said this with face filled with smiles.

During encore, the sound of Can’t Stop conveys deep sadness. Starting from the introduction of the piano, the tone gradually becomes stronger, exhilarates everybody. “From here, we’ll start afresh, improve ourselves and work hard heading to the top. It’s been 5 years since we debuted. We have grown stronger. I’m really overwhelmed with feelings. We belong to the stage.” Yonghwa showed a gentle smile.

CNBLUE 2014 ARENA TOUR <WAVE> will continue in Osaka, Fukuoka and ending in Nagoya. At the end of the year, they will also be attending FNC family concert “FNC Kingdom”

Credit: 九月/Gioiko/便高冷/郑容和微吧

Source: http://www.excite.co.jp/music/news/detail/E1414679790225.html

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