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30th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

LOSERS CLUB MEMBERS are very angry to Turks? Why?

Because they have a very very long Lost wars a to Turks.
They have never won any single war heheheh

They accuse Turks with""CONQUESTS ""


They are Mucus Brained..

Those were the Conquest days..Greeks were pathetic Gypsies they have even resist against the Turks even ones in last 700years..


They Blame Turks but make proud of Alexander the Great Macedonian's Conquesta ..


They are hypocrites ...

Alexan der The Macedonian killed everysingle man/woman/kid even animals in the conquered places..

Turks had 3 Major Empires in last 2000 years .


-There are 45 states alive in Balkans,Caucassus,and Middleeast only

-There are 200 races

-There are 150 nationalities alive

-There are 25 different and 40 dialects of languages alive

-There are more than 500.000 traditions alive

-There are at least 4 major religions+atheism and 15 sacts are alive
Look at the mirror..

Under Turkish Mandatory of 450 years;

-You haven't forgotten your language or converted Turkish

-You haven't converted your religion to Islam

-You haven't forgotten your nationality

-You haven't forgotten your traditions

If Turkish Emperors want to Turkifie and Islamize the people under their mandatory they could do it very easly..

Even in 1829,there were only 4.000 people in Athens after Turks

Even in Trabzon Pontos,there were only 4300 inhabitants
Do you understand our JUSTICE?

That is why even anti-Turkis annti Islam ""Founders of USA"" put Süleyman the Magnificent's Relief on the wall of Capitol Hill/Congress for the symbol of Turkish JUSTICE

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