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30th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

Lucha Underground Ep 1 Thoughts


- Show looks different & feels different. In a good way. That's the most important thing right there. It's not trying to be WWE which is what a lot of new wrestling companies fail at right away.

- Dario Cueto was a fantastic choice for the role. Speaks well & has on-screen presence.

- The backstage videos shot like movie scenes (sort of like GTA style cut-ins) were tremendous. Way better than the over-produced stuff WWE does where guys aren't even looking at each other & clearly reading off cue cards. I typically hate stuff on wrestling shows that isn't actual wrestling but these segments were the highlight of the show for me.

- Both the introduction videos for Sexy Star & Prince Puma were great. Very happy the decision was made to introduce the new charachters rather than throw people out there with zero explanation as to who they are. I wasn't even made both of them ended up losing their matches because clearly this is just the start of stories that will go on through the season.

- Main event was excellent. Exactly what it should have been which is the type of match you won't see in WWE. Every week needs to have a match like that, maybe two. Even the post-match angle was done great and quick. We know who the bad guys are, we know why they were there and we have our first storyline going forward without a 20 minute speech from someone in a suit telling us why he did what he did.

- Show has a very Mortal Kombat-ish feel. I APPROVE!


- Ceiling cam is good before a match or when two guys are down on the mat selling. During the match it's distracting and offers no value.

- Camera cutting to the announcers is a nice trick for editing purposes but is also a completely distracting shot that makes the product look bad. We can hear the announcers, we know they're there. No need to show us.

- I would rather watch matches uncut/unedited but if you insist on edits all I ask is you do it by inserting replays or cutting to realistic crowd shots. I noticed a few jump cuts of the action in the ring that is very jarring and looks quite amateur-ish when guys go from one side of the ring facing one side of the arena to a completely different area 1 second later.

- Vampiro needs someone to give him direction & enforce the point he's just an announcer. He shouldn't be always talking about his own career or making it seem like he could wrestle the guys in the ring. He's an old guy (as we saw many times when the camera cut to him) who should have no business even pretending he could hang with anyone on the show. He should just be a voice and nothing more.

- AUTHENTIC LUCHADORES! Okay... I guess that's coming in episode 3 so I can't wait!

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