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27th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

Mr.Sarkozy is in the Yerevan Genocide BULLSHIT Museum

-Good Morning Presiden Sarkissian

-Good Morning Mr.President

-A very good Museum

-Thank you Mr.President

-Do you have any original document of the Armenian Genocide?

-Eeeee...rr..rrr not exactly Mr.President..

-What do you mean Mr.Sarkissian?

-Yes we have original documents of the 1890-1915 but they all written with BIC Ball Pens...

-Heheheheh Mr.Sarkissian Are making fool of me, Ball Pens have been invented in 1945..
-Yes Mr.Sarkoz but all we have is here...

-Hehehehehe Mr.Sarkissian,where is the exit please show me..
Hey Protocol Director don't forget to take our flowers back and tear the last paper of the Museum Book immediately..

-But ..Sir..Mr.Presiden..eeee

-je mon fou....

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