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27th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

LIAR-menians do not want to open their archieves in Boston,Why?


Turkey offered to give $20 million aid to the classification and opening of the Armenian archives in the U.S. city of Boston, which included "very important" documents regarding the incidents of 1915.

Armenians do not want to have the archives opened because such efforts will start a real debate over the genocide claims.

the Armenian archives in Boston included very important documents regarding both the 500,000 Armenians who currently live in Turkey, and the 1915 incidents.

Armenians had said
'We don't have money to categorize the archives, and therefore we cannot open them'.

'We can give you the money needed and open the archives'.

But they did not respond to our offer

Ara Sarfian and Hilmar Kaiser, adding he heard no word back, and noted that the opening of the archives in Boston would launch a real debate on the issue.

"This would directly open a debate over the genocide claims. Armenians are aware of this and therefore they are doing their best not to sit at the table,"

2005, Turkey officially proposed the establishment of a joint commission comprised of historians and other experts from both sides to study the events of 1915,not only Turkish and Armenian archives, but also those of relevant third-party countries and to share their findings with the public.

Armenia has not responded positively to this initiative, as yet.
"Turkey opened its archives.

Armenians should do the same.LIAR-menians

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