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27th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

Armenian Genocide BULLSHIT Started with ASALA Terorists' Homicide in 1973 in USA

The main targets of Armenian terror organizations, ASALA in particular, were now being chosen from among Turkish diplomats abroad.

The first of the series of terrorist attacks was carried out against Mehmet Baydar, the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles and his Deputy,

Bahadir Demir. The assassinations were perpetrated by an Armenian by the name of Gurgen Yanikan in 1973. This individual action turned into organized Armenian terror as of 1975 and further escalated as of 1979.

110 acts of terror were carried out by Armenian terrorists in 38 cities of 21 countries.

39 of these were armed attacks, 70 of them bomb attacks and one was an occupation.

42 Turkish diplomats and 4 foreign nationals were assassinated in these attacks, while 15 Turks and 66 foreign nationals were wounded.

27.01.1973 Santa Barbara / Consul General Mehmet BAYDAR
Santa Barbara / Consul Bahadir DEMIR

22.10.1975 Vienna / Ambassador Danis TUNALIGiL
24.10.1975 Paris / Ambassador Ismail EREZ
Paris / Driver Talip YENER
16.02.1976 Beirut / First Secretary Oktar CÝRÝT

09.06.1977 Vatican City / Ambassador Taha CARIM

02.06.1978 Madrid / Ambassador’s wife Necla KUNERALP

Madrid / Retired Ambassador Beþir BALCIOGLU
12.10.1979 The Hague / Ambassador’s son Ahmet BENLER
22.12.1979 Paris / Tourism Counsellor Yilmaz ÇOLPAN
31.07.1980 Athens / Administrative Attache Galip ÖZMEN
Athens / Administrative Attaché’s daughter Neslihan ÖZMEN
17.12.1980 Sydney / Consul General ARIYAK
Sydney / Security Attaché Engin SEVER

Paris / Counsellor for Labour Affairs Resat MORALI
Paris / Counsellor for Religious Affairs Tecelli ARI
09.06.1981 Geneva / Secretary M.Savas YERGÜZ
24.09.1981 Paris / Security Attaché Cemal ÖZEN
28.01.1982 Los Angeles / Consul General Kemal ARIKAN
08.04.1982 Ottawa / Counsellor for Commercial Affairs Kani GuNGoR
04.05.1982 Boston / Honorary Consul General Orhan GuNDuZ
07.06.1982 Lisbon / Administrative Attaché Erkut AKBAY
27.08.1982 Ottawa /Colonel, Military Attaché Atilla ALTIKAT
09.09.1982 Bourgas / Administrative Attaché Bora SUELKAN
08.01.1983 Lisbon / Administrative Attaché’s wife, wounded in the armed assault directed against her husband Erkut Akbay on 07 06 1982, died on 08 01 1983 Nadide AKBAY
09.03.1983 Belgrade / Ambassador Galip BALKAR
14.07.1983 Brussels / Administrative Attaché Dursun AKSOY
27.07.1983 Lisbon / Counsellor’s wife Cahide MIHCIOGLU
28.04.1984 Teheran / Secretary’s wife Isik YONDER

19.11.1984 Vienna / International Official Enver ERGUN
07.10.1991 Athens / Press Attaché Cetin GORGU
11.12.1993 Baghdad / Administrative Attaché Caglar

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