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22nd Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

About that Depression Quest credits thing

I'm in the credits for Depression Quest. That is, to be honest, news to me. I guess I should pay more attention to credits for things.

People are getting bent out of shape about this because it looks like evidence that Zoe and I were close way back in 2012/2013. We were not. I'd interviewed her in 2012, and some time after that she sent me a build of Depression Quest to show me what she was working on. This is standard. Developers interested in coverage send builds to press all the time.

There wasn't enough to write about, but I offered a couple lines of feedback. They basically amounted to, "This is a neat idea, but when I went through this these sorts of things happened." I battled depression for a pretty significant chunk of my life, so I felt like that input was warranted.

As a result of that, Zoe decided to mention me, along with dozens of other people, in the game's credits. I was honestly surprised to find out about this, because I don't feel like I actually did anything worth being thanked for. But hey, it happened.

The attacks on my reputation are grating and sometimes downright upsetting, but I still stand by my work.

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