Ode to Shock a Lock

I like Shock a Lock. I used to like it a lot. When I first started playing Wizard, I was excited to find a silver chest. Hey, I get to play Shock a Lock! After a few years: Oh, a silver chest, I guess I’ll play Shock a Lock. I started seeing how many extra pieces I could use in the puzzle and still win. But last year I started walking past silver chests. I’ve played Shock a Lock hundreds of times and I was done.

This got me thinking that we need more variety in silver chests. So I designed a new appropriately themed game that was completely different but took around the same time to win. In May, I took a day and a half off from working on fishing to write a playable prototype. Last month, new art, sound effects and music were made for it and I spent some time polishing it up.

I built a little more variety into this new game as well. The first three times you play it, the goal is the same, but after that the goal changes. See if you recognize some of the goals!

When the Fall Update hits the Test Realm, silver chests will all play the new game so y’all can test it. The plan is that when the Fall Update goes live, half the time silver chests will play Shock a Lock and half the time they’ll play the new game.

I hope y’all like this new silver chest minigame!

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