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Confessions of PM Kacaznuni of Armenian said""We were wrong to uprise"


""""" "Hovhannes Katchaznouni’s (The First Prime Minister of the independent Armenian Republic) remarks in his report entitled “Dashnagtzoutiun Has Nothing To Do Anymore” submitted to the 1923 Dashnagtzoutiun Party Convention, gives an idea about the truth:

“…Are we not capable of doing in the Soviet Armenia what we did in the Turkish Armenia, for tens of years? We certainly are.

We might establish a base in the Iranian Qarada; and send people and arms to the other side of Araxe,(just as we did in Salmas once).

We might establish the necessary secret relations and armed “humbas” in the Sunik and Dereleghez mountains just as we did in the Sasun mountains and the Chataq stream (in eastern Turkey).

We might provoke the peasants in some far off regions to rise and then we might expel the communists there or destroy them.

Later we might create great commotion even in Yerevan and occupy a state building at least for a few hours just as we occupied the Ottoman Bank or we might explode any building.

We could plan assassinations and execute them just as we killed the officials of the Tsar and the Sultan…; in the same way, just as we did to Sultan Abdülhamid, we could plant a bomb under Myasnikov’s or Lukashin’s feet.

.....…when we created a great hubbub in Turkey, we thought we would attract the attention of the great powers to the Armenian cause and would force them to mediate for us, but now we know what such mediation is worth and do not need to repeat such endeavours…”
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There was no GENOCIDE:
no not a Turk.
A Prieme Minister of Armenia.
In 1923 in Bucarest.

Ovanes Kaçaznuni ,one of the founders of the Tashnaksutyun Party.

He was the first PM of Armenia in 1918 July. He conducted the government for 13months.

He wrote a report about the he presented to Tasnaksutyun Party's Bucarest meeting in 1923 and it is like a book tick.

This report(book)is forbidden in the Republic of Armenia.

This reports's copies in several languages have been picked up from all libraries of the European countries.

In Library catalogues you can find the name but not the book on the shelfs because they all stolen by the thieves :)))

Mehmet Perinçek the researcher ,found on e in Lenin Library in Moscow in Russian`

This book is enough for the death of all lies of the so-called idiotic and meaningles genocide allegetions.

I am writing the name of the first Prime Minister of the ARMENIA/Ovanes Kaçaznuni :)))
end of the story.
Armenians lies ends with this report :)))))))))
H. Katchaznouni, the first Pirime-Minister of Armenia between 1918-1919 or Armenian statesmen and historians like Lalaian, Karinian, Borian, Myasnikian or Soviet statesmen like Mikoian, who was a Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union of Armenian origin. All the sources published between 1920-1945 in the Soviet Union and Armenia unanimously noted the following facts: the units organized by Armenian separatists fought under the command of imperialist armies. In these wars, both parties lost thousands of lives and also nations mutually massacred each other. The instigator of these tragedies are the imperialist powers who wanted to partition Turkey and share it among them.

Our sources for these facts are not Turkish sources, we are referring to Russian and Armenian archives and statesmen. As an example, we are presenting for your information the report by Hovannes Katchaznouni, the first Prime-Minister of Armenia, submitted to the Dashnagzoutiun Party Conference convened in Bucharest in April 1923, in English, French and German.

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