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17th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

Response, from an Outlander & Sam Heughan fan

@sjfaraway You brought up a very good point, but something about it has compelled me to respond. I even went to bed, to sleep on it, and get my thoughts straight so I could figure out exactly what it was, about your post that didn't sit right with me. So to speak...

I don't disagree, with the majority of what you said. You brought forth a very serious and important reminder, for all fans of any fandom.Treat people with respect. But I do take issue when someone waves a morality flag in the faces of others so blatantly, slapping the proverbial wrist. Tut, tut.

I am a grown woman. I act as I please. Say as I please. Watch what I please, etc, etc...I am happily married, with a infant son. The only people or entity I answer to are my husband, my son, and the Lord above. If I feel confidant that I have done nor said anything to offend those three, I sleep well at night. And I have been sleeping very well, AND enjoying Sam Heughan's ass, and every other part of him in the meantime.

I am NOT one of his many fans that have been going on, or posting endlessly about his rear, front or otherwise. I don't make meme's, or videos or photo manips, featuring his sweet cheeks with a 45 stamped on them. But, I am a fan of him! I am a fan of Sam Heughan, the actor, and Sam Heughan the human being. And, I know the difference between the two. Being an Actor is a very physically and mentally demanding job. It requires all your facilities, and I do mean all. An actors tools are their face, hands, breath, feet, posture, vocal cords, skin, muscles, inner strength, and their minds. Actors also have to maintain the tools of their trade, and you can bet the farm, Sam works his fantastic ass off, keeping his tools in top shape. Exercise, diet, meditation, research, learning multiple skills Examples: horseback riding, fencing, swimming, dance, multiple to swing a hammer, you name it, it is all part of creating the illusion.They have to clear the canvas, of their own selves, and allow a complete stranger to take up residence. Sam, has (as you said) proven to be able to do this, with the character of Jamie Fraser, with mind boggling ease. A very young, red-headed, stubborn, handsome, earthly, lustful, noble and moral character. So much so, that yes, many fans will tend to...get the two confused. And, get carried away with what they are seeing...Jamie Fraser, come to life before their eyes!! In full bodied, gloriously kilted or naked form! It's a fantasy. As are the books. A story, that so many love, dream, ponder, and fantasize about. What Sam Heughan, and Caitronia Balfe have been able to do, in their performances have brought so much...enthusiasm, passion, love, excitement, humor, and yes desire into the hearts and lives of the fanbase.

And, let me assure you, as an Artist myself, that's EXACTLY, what Sam Heughan, and Caitronia Balfe were shooting for. Nothing brings more satisfaction, and joy to an Artist, than for their work to be admired and loved! To know that, you breathed life into a character so well, that people are transported into another place, are so "fooled" that they don't even see Sam or Cait. Jamie & Claire visually realized! They are storytellers, in the physical form. There is no greater accolade.

I understand your point, of suggesting it has gone to far, the admiration, and appreciation. Maybe it has at times. And that is something I think most true fans, can see and will caution others against, when it comes up. I know I have. I also know I have been so moved by most fans stories, and comments to tears at times. Others, to laughter, and yes others to saucy, outright admiration of the physical beauty of what we are privy to watch. Ive even discussed the show with people who don't care for it at all, and others who think it's gratuitous trash. It's par for the course...

Now, there is a BIG difference, between horny men (or women) on the street, making inappropriate comments towards women (or men) walking past REALITY, and horny women (or men) posting about how sexy Jamie's or Claire's ass (or Sam or Cait's) is on last nights episode TV LAND. No, not everyone can ken the difference (see what I did there?) But, most of us can. Would I EVER, if I met Sam talk about his naked body, hell no (not unless he asked my opinion first). Would I ever treat him or any other person with less diginity or respect than I would my husband or family or friends, no. Nor do I believe would most people.

I do get your concern, and irritation, and it is heartfelt and correct on many points...but I do not think it is fair to "call out" or to try to shame fans for expressing their enjoyment, and love for a television production, cast & crew that wholeheartedly works to ensure it.

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