What i see......

I see the hurt in the words people are posting. The "I don't knows," the "what the fucks?" I see those standing strong and those caving in. I am no psychic. No crystal ball here.
The first pics were so much of a tease that it lead me to believe more were coming. They wanted us to say all the things we said. "I don't see the stick, there is a Paris in Ontario Canada, He has on the same clothes so we don't know when the pics were taken." Then they slide out the pic of them going into a concert or whatever. Her hand in his. Okay threw us for a curve. Then we get the video. Kinda damning. They are shopping. He puts his hand on her shoulder, and then her neck. leans forward as if to peck her lips.(but she is still talking so don't know). The shot where he hugs her and she hugs back behind the pole. The dressing room with her peeping out. All the other acting that follows. The first and main thing I notice is the 2:07 video has been spliced. In the big scheme of things it doesn't mean a thing but bear with me. It is a different store than the 4:28 video I am thinking. Different storefront. The 2:07 starts out in his short Jacket when he walks out he is in the new coat he bought in the 4:28 video. In the 4:28 video why is there a weird noise when he and she hugs? Like a clown horn. Just saying. Still no biggie could have been a passing car. He hugs her with one arm as the other hangs free. You can't see a kiss but it looks as tho there is one. Her arms come up but don't really hold on. Still no biggie. I mean they are in public.By this point if he hadn't already, which I believe he had, he has spotted the paps. They come from the store and Rob is in front. I notice that same action in the other video too. There seems to be a guy who has joined them. Where did they get him from? They stand on the corner and Rob changes hats. Lights up a cig and they all head to the car.
This is the video.
Now what I see.
Rob and Kristen went to Paris in the 48 hour period they were Ninja. It is a 7:46 hour flight to Paris from New York and 11:45 hours from Paris to LA. Which leaves her about 30 hours to do whatever she had to and fly home. Her at the airport with Air France tags on her luggage and the luggage wrapped. Which by the way can only be done in Europe or Miami leads me to think this is a possibility. I could be wrong about her going there but hey bare with me.
We suddenly get pics of them on the same day or in a 12 hour period of each other. We get pics of them both in different places (of course). Her arriving in La and him supposedly still in Chicago in the same clothes. Then her out and about in LA and him out and about with .......
Why suddenly would Rob put his private life out there like that? Why would he decided to do it when K has all these movies coming out and all these publicity commitments that would cause her all kinds of drama. The CXR is causing her enough problems because of idiots (this did deflect from that didn't it?). Would he disrespect her that way? I don't think so.
I feel that they are still very connected. Rob and the .... put on an act for the paps.The guy with them may be her guy. I believe K is aware of all the play acting. It was friends shopping, getting spotted by paps and putting on and act. Did you notice how Rob kept looking back at paps to see if they were watching? Did you notice he had on the shades like Kristen had on in New York? They can have friends and do things. It's where they put their trust in each other that counts. She trust him. He trust her. They are good. Do over analyze anything. What can you do about it anyway? Stay calm. This to shall pass. It's always darkest before the dawn and any other quote you may have to lift your spirit. Sit back and keep calm. Bullshit is good fertilizer for useless twig bushes and weeds too.

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