Seen some folks label me 'moderate' pro #gamergate. And for a bit I was ok with that because I do 100% support TWO of the pillars of GG: supporting quality journalism and calling out sites that run misleading and damaging clickbait articles. Hell, I've been super vocal about these two beliefs LONG before there was a GG. And I don't see that ever changing.

But I can no longer tolerate someone thinking I am even a MODERATE supporter of #gamergate. It's just got way too much toxicity and cruelty and mean-spiritedness embedded within and hovering around it. And I would just HATE for anyone to think I support ANY of the hateful, threatening, and misogynistic views some of its more vocal members espouse.

I more than most have reason to take serious issue with Leigh Alexander. But she's a PERSON first and foremost and as much as I think her views on gaming are all kinds of mean spirited and wrong, it would NEVER cross my fucking mind to even think of threatening her or trying to scare her or doing ANYTHING other than argue with her if I met her face to face. But man, so many of the vocal GG folks seem to not only be ok with that, but are fucking proud of it?!?! My gut tells me a large % of these threats come from young teens who are just trolling but EVEN SO, young teens are not too young to realize their actions hurt others and make others feel unsafe. The trolls should know better and the non-trolls who are SERIOUS about this shit? They should go to fucking jail.

On the bright side, the good news is gamers are NOT dead no matter what Leigh has to say. The bad news? It seems stupid assholes are also still alive and kicking.


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