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[TRANS] A Natural Acting Which Leaves A Trail of Life Park Yuchun - Part 3 final

** WARNING!: Please be informed that there are spoilers in this part of the interview. This is a published interview and answers came from Yuchun himself. I am not revealing spoilers on my own but merely translating whatever that was published in the interview. It is readers' choice whether or not to read this part of the interview. **

Q: Do you think that Dongshik's homicide and the captain's homicide are different?

A: It's different. Dongshik did not know about the boatswain's death. The captain's homicide was intentional while Dongshik's was an accident. Moreover at that moment, because Dongshik's intention of protecting Hongmae was bigger, he could not really think for himself or did not have time to feel about the boatswain's death. Actually, among all the sailors, the person Dongshik is most comfortable with is "aje" [T/N: Moon Seung Goon's character, whom Dongshik calls uncle]. When the captain distributed money to the crew members 'aje' asked "This isn't really it, right?" knowing that Dongshik who received the money was surprised. After all, the death of the boatswain is associated with Dongshik but it was an accident. Even though the boatswain could have lived, he was pushed into the sea by Chang-ok [T/N: Lee Heejoon's character]. Chang-ok died in the panic of a fight. It wasn't Dongshik's fault. Instead of that, he saved Hongmae (laughs).

Q: So, there was no sense of guilt in Dongshik when he was working at the construction site?

A: There was a lot [T/N: of guilt]. How can he forget about a thing as such? Not matter how you look at the incident, because it all started from that blunder, Dongshik feels much guilt. He does many things just to erase and shake off past memories. He carried with him the indelible memories and lived on without enthusiasm as he left the town after his grandmother had passed away. He ate because he had to live. Nevertheless, when he met Hongmae again by accident, he once again felt the sorrow, pain and longing from the incidents which actually took place in the ship.

Q: I'm curious about Dongshik's next move after stumbling upon Hongmae.

A: I think he put his ramyeon bill on Hongmae's tab. The price of the rice cake ramyeon will pay for what happened in the past [T/N: He means Hongmae repays Dongshik for saving her life through a bowl of rice cake noodles]. (laughs) That was just a joke but in reality, he could not say anything when he met Hongmae because he knew how difficult those memories of the ship's incident were. Though Dongshik could not confirm that it was Hongmae when he saw her from the back, he could immediately identify her the moment he heard her voice. Hongmae had also tried hard to erase those memories in order to live on. If Hongmae were to meet Dongshik, those memories would resurface hence, Dongshik did not show himself to Hongmae and just disappeared.

Q: Kim Yunseok once said that Park Yuchun is like a sponge, an actor who can learn acting really quickly.

A: I don't know why sunbaenim keeps bringing this up (laughs). Actually, sunbaenim tosses a lot about how well I can act. But it's because sunbaenim helped me a lot that I could act well.

Q: Through <Haemoo> what are the things you've learned and felt as an actor?

A: I thought about managing a good household and living well just like what all the seniors are doing. When I look at the seniors, I feel that they are the head of the family and a father who carries a strong responsibility. I also had this feeling that the lives which the seniors are living led them to act even more earnestly. I am not referring to the technical parts of acting. When acting, one must be able to act with a pure and natural heart and I think to be able to act even better, it is important to know the preciousness of life and relationships.

Q: Is acting fun?

A: It is fun. Even though it's tough when doing it (laughs).

Q: What is the fun point about acting?

A: In that I can express a new person. Not acting as myself but to focus on another person and the process of becoming that person is fun. Things that can be experienced in a long time are felt and learned within a short period of time. On the other hand, acting brings about a feeling of deviation. It seems like the exhausting parts of life can be solved through acting.

Q: What kind of actor do you want to become?

A: I want to be an actor with various experiences and one who can live freely. When looking at other actors, I could feel the catharsis [T/N: The release of emotions through acting]. Likewise, it would be great if someone can also feel the catharsis through me. If I can be affected by the many experiences of life and even the small things of everyday life, I think it can be incorporated into my acting. Because of this, I would like to focus more on my own life than acting itself.

Interview date: 12 August 2014
Source: http://www.movist.com/star3d/read.asp?type=32&id=22428
Translated by: @yochwennie

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