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5th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

People disappearing in Mariupol

Two separate pieces of information/rumor I have come across in the last few days about lots of people being abducted and disappearing in the city of Mariupol. It could be rumors only, but given the situation in Ukraine, it may very well be true. This is serious. Once these things begin to happen, they can go on for a long time. Thousands of people disappeared like that in Chile and Argentina in the 1970s.

The first item comes from a Spanish discussion group about the war in Ukraine.

It is the first comment on that page. What follows is my translation:
This piece of news-rumor must be treated with caution, but lately a lot of people seem to be disappearing in Mariupol. Too many, they say.

This is how it happens: police or military people come to your house and tell you that you need to bring your papers and passport. And then you just “disappear.” It is happening to both men and women, all of them between 20 and 30 years of age.

Even whole families are beginning to disappear, especially in cases where the head of family goes to the police station to inquire about their sons or grandsons.

There is this guy I communicate with who has been asking people discreetely and he says there are already more than 1000 people who have disappeared. We are not talking about people who tell their neighbors they are leaving until the war ends. No, we are talking about people who just disappear from one day to the next. There are families who have children of people who have disappeared, and as soon as they call the police to inform them about it, the police come to pick up the children and tell the neighbors not to say a word to anyone about it. They told the story of a married couple who left three small children with some friends, and when this couple didn’t come back after a week, they went to Crimea to take the children to their maternal grandmother who lives in Ishun.

And a week ago I came across the following in this "Novorossia Today" online publication. Seems to have been produced with automatic translation, but it is understandable.

Regular abductions happens in Mariupol
26 September 2014

According to report of representative of Mariupol stuff office of DPR Elena Donbassova; such advertising started appearing more often in groups of Mariupol: “21.09.2014 from the working place was abducted Makarenko Anatoli 1988 y.b., and his wife also disappeared. Punitive soldier in black uniform Azov was accompanied to the factory by worker of SCU, put wristbands on Anatoliy and without explanations taken him from the factory. Next day the relatives investigated that they are in the airport and they have already broken the jaw and ribs of Anatoliy. We have had the information concerning his wife yet. At home were left two small children. Every day people are abducted people in the city for whom come “black people”. The police can’t do something. And people, meanwhile are hold in the airport in horrible conditions and undergo cruel tortures. Witnesses report that Lyashko with his punitives took dead bodies to Pavlopolsk water basin. More than 100 thousand [??] people have been disappeared in the city. After started local people spreading advertisements concerning disappeared people in social networks and in police started doing something. We got the report that husband and wife Makarenko were released. But they were sacked from their working places. On which reason isn’t clear.

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