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10,000 BC Val Camonica and the deluge

This can be of base interest also .. the topiclink is damages like described below are base of all works of violence and evil and are formost forces in Our Souls and made all history and downfall of Mankind.

It Shows where Mankind came from and had to endure and Where We Are Going.

Beware even today the remnants of these evil forces the religous works Call the deluge Götterdämmerung Ragnarok end of Times end of Creation are formost powers cause and sourche of most behaviour and politics:

The painting is a soul painting about ritual Mind control abuse rape and molest.

It is about molesting pregnant Women until none of the Light of Life of an Unborn Child anymore is sensed. This splits the Unborn in multiple personalities who do not know eachother or the mother or even any of the family where in it will be raised. This the rejected and banned Soulparts wil be abused by the rulers and Mind control priests for slavery sexual abuse minon services and control over whole Populations as if they were God himself what can be suggested to any split off befor Birth.

This was even used to can abuse People Children Men Women life long and besides that they had common daily total different lifes beside that and became never Aware of what was going on outside the daily to them known life and day because the sfere changes were both ways absolutely and immediate Concious changing Memory oblitterating.

These are works of utmost evil of civilisations that ran out of control by violence wars and Child abuse and became boss above boss always fighting societies of evil and rape and were in the bibles called the deluge Ragnarok Götterdämmerung end of Times and usual Man eater and Child raper cultures.

The painting symbolises the Mother the Child and the darkness around them is their universe of darkness of anti Creation anto GOD created by generationel molest and violence at series of unborn ages where also the Souls of every Mother was poisoned. Mankind got lost by this!

Worst of all and the Victims were bound by unaware compulsion and the purpetrators also and in unawareness these rituals of molest were generational transfered in absolute unawareness.

Purpetrators at most got a sense of being jalous at the pregnant Mother the Unborn Child or if they molested their Woman and were caught explained as jalousy and a Mind controling ritual programming never Guessed.

Also them who did this by satanic rituals never understood what was wrong with them or the Universe Mankind and their Dreams. They just had ot fight Mankind. Usualy themselfes in Unborn and Baby ages frozen to death.

The snakes ontop symbolise the evil that poisons the mother and the mother the Child both in darkness of a new evil universe and lifes of abuse violence and horrors to come. The people around the dark egg the rulers the new universe the new gods the new laws new cultures new soctieties new crimes for these people and Children like the kings priests faraos rabbis imams religions and nowadays the scientists media politicians nobils banksters statusses judges persecutors inquisitions as the abyss the deluge was to Them.

The Tarot got similar symbolism with the Woman sitting on the Lion and giving all Her and Theirs Love Loyalitiy Life and Gifts including Her Children and Their Virginities away to the abusers rulers extorsionist nobils banksters and fraud gods of the anti Life the anti Love the anti gods the anti universe and anti Creation.. A Slavesoul and whore.

As also ALL political agenda IS based on Mind control Child rape rituals and a totaly Fraud and Fake political agenda.

But this is Not about astronauts But ancient ritual abuse and programmings.

As long as undetected these traumata and complexes endure even millions of years utmost unchanged as the day they were made and were compulsory transfered from Generation to Generation.

That the painting is made suggest it is made by Members of Races that became subdued at this moment and one that stil was Sane and Could See Painted This because normaly this is invisible to the Victim and purpetrator races and belongs to the Subconcious.

Also because this is painted as a confined cloud of darkness and not the universe of the painter so from outside the sferes of the deluge. Once forced into the abyss of the deluge all Love Light and any Memory of GOD perished and became hate and evil and hate and evil and lust for murder alone wandering and lost all Creation the enemy that had to die to be anihilated and so Mankind did.

The lost Children of the deluge who commited these rituals had a extremest serious reason to do so from within

... it was to survive at all...because of the taboo against GOD Love and the Light of Life

.. the tiniest drop of any of that seen by their rulers and all already poisoned tribe and culture members even Family and Loved Ones created instant psychosis and would have brought death at their above all they were willing to commit these rituals against any Living Being even Animals were darkened to hide every Life and Love. These rituals also are commited by circumcisions. And GOD and Life and Love became the devil.

These were worlds were Good and evil Happiness and unhappiness Good and bad were twisted turned around. Evil and evil deeds the status and honors like tarocities Baby sacrifices abuse rape tortures etc.. the governement religious banking nobilcults had such baal religions and rituals. Also father Abraham by sacrificing not Himself but his Firstborn.

The countless crusades by the romans morrokkans afrikans asians semites in europa the christian crusades the burning stakes and chronic massrapes christianisations(torturing raping abusing Babies and Newborns) baptisings(drowning breaking and reanimating Newborns) ... all are/were commited out of fear of the taboo for the carriers disquised as hate against All Life or any Object that triggered.

....the deluge the abyss existed out of anti Life anti Love anti GOD and master of ego super ego and hell and creator of all psychopaths Man eater and Child rapercultures wars crimes evil violence murder and even deseases etc.

A death Soulless mass of the condensed evil and hate of countless deeds of countless eons of crime violence rapes Child rapes and evil of all yesterdays.

These rituals also were Slave making transformation processes to gain obedient little Slaves and servants.

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