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And cancer

A Strong Preservative Against cancer and many many more deseases and weaknesses IS COCOA Given By GOD 15.000 years ago for Mankind to Heal and Withstand the damages of their ways of rape and violence a curse they became poisoned with by the deluge a universe of evil and wandering getting lost and undoing of Creation and Love.

It Works anihilating Against cancer it relaxes the Venes that visibly will grow and does a very lot more like Strengthening the Spirit and Lifeforces.

The Trick Here IS it got to Cook FOR TREE HOURS with Water befor the Needed Activa Are Released for Use.

It Can daily as often as Liked be Used in any form like liquid paste butter roosted and can be used on and in everything like as binder in soup sjeu or as taste on and in meat soup vegetables bread as icecream salades as coffee replacement thea or warm or cold drink and so on.

It needs to be kept in the freezer with the vegetables because it is sensitive to decay because also the molds know what is healthy.

Also with Animals it Will work!

Some might be Patented now by a Big Compagny So for Personal Use Only.

Another One IS Olive Oil

This Got to Cook with equal mass of Water for an Hour where it emulgates with and THEN it MUST FOR TREE WEEKS Be Left Alone in some corner to Become Fully Active!

When Cooked for 90 minutes it should Gain more even Hair growing Abilities. So Beware the Difference.

After being Left Alone for tree weeks it got almost No Odor and is usable for burningwounds Skin Rejuvenating as wipe clean dip and Baby oil and reasonable massage oil Should reduce scars Heals Skin and rinkles burns wounds desinfects

This is Free So Any Can use it Personal and in Business any way you Like it and trade it

Not any use of it can be patented or claimed because that would block Freedom of Use and creativity with it for many Others!

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