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About king dynasty and chinese empire

Because author of removed My Comment after I linked to it from a tweet by David Icke then said another Way >

"Beware your king´s also are members of the king dynasty and Earth a commonwealth to them"
So Day · Time Lord at Piratenpartij [NL]
Egyptian - e- gyp-sys the clans that drove the Slave caravans for millenia from Europe to egypt china middle east and sumeria. Stil major in all kind of crimes of the like...aswell as behave and have same sourche as the islam oeigoers that do the same crimes in other places and all are under commandment of the Slave lords the centralbankers and nobils.(aipac)

pharaoh Sheshonq I - Chi es Hong > Hong > Kong - Hong dynasty

scarab - es ca arab - to the semites. Slaves who were sent to the semites to die there when they were not obedient enough - West got variations on that like the roman arena with lions and the spanish arena with bulls.

Also Europe where christianity was layed on had a law Children were commited to be married at ages 12. When that was not the case a year in the establishments of the elites was ordered for day and night abuse even with moutclamps as punishment was gladly given. When - impossible after being raped pregnant - at 13 stil not married then a deadly oneway tickets to the semites and sumerians was the endstation for the Child. Millions of Bones of the Old Whites are in de afrikan deserts the chinese oases and middle east craters who ended there as Slaves for abuse. Even the japanese anime painters from their collective subconsious paint the History of the White Children and what was done to Them by Our asian and eurasian lords who brought the evil of religions and their Slave trades.

After such period only a symbol of the horrortimes is neccesary to haunt the People again with utmost fears of death to come when seeing such symbol. We are ruled and manipulated with a World full of such utmost terrorist symbols. Like also the christian cross is No Symbol of Creation GOD and Life But of death and evil because that is where They Who Went With GOD were all crucified on.

Likely everywhere a scarab is found possibly is then place of lawrulings and making of destinies or courts.

You are not Aware but even the hammers judges abuse in lawcourts are to threaten the Civilisation with hammers that were used for centuries to smash Faces in break limbs and Heads as torture and punishment. Also at Children it was used by centralbankers schooldirectors and Mind controldoktors at schooltrips and campweeks until only a short while ago stil. as I also was broken by it!

"bright is the manifestation of Re, chosen of Amun/Re." That moniker corresponds to the throne name of Sheshonq I, the founding monarch of Egypt's 22nd Dynasty"

Ra is GOD Re is Offspring like some languages have for Wheatseed the word a ré are Are a Seed or Seedstring of the Halm. So Ra even can mean Father or Sourche. Wheat is a very Strong Symbol of Life Creation and Exisense also in Dreams.(Cornfields)

Then "Re, chosen of Amun/Re" means offspring "of" offspring of Amun.

"King Solomon" solomon - es olo mon(mo-on like Moon because belonging to...) - All is Mine. Just a plunderer of the "KING" dynasty > you Remember > king kong? The king dynasty also came to establishe the roman empire. First as outpost like the had many through the millenia but then it grew and became an empire as so many of their outposts grew to become next empires cities big cities countries as many stil do exist. Beware your king´s also are members of the king dynasty and Earth a commonwealth to them.

"Jordan" I or d an - Lord An a emperor of the chinese dynasty of king kong. And that is where he also settled.(l or d an - lord an lourd lourd-es lourdes laird lair)

"Khirbat en-Nahas" Chi ar bá at en eN ah as - Life without Me is expectancy - here the convicts were sent to die a horrible death in sewers of arab brothels. It means as much as " when I am gone atleast the rest of the Family had a change or Hope.

Just exact like the nowadays justicesystems work in fact. And many million Innocents Sacrificed Them Selfes to punishment for the Sake of Their Loved Ones Families and Children in Our lawsystems. Also the presence of the coppermine leads to idea they were abused as mine Slaves. But they were Not they were abused until death arrived. Fucking any to death was a common hatecrime what even the centralbankers and jews commited in huge numbers against Children Babies and People. The Copper Mine is 50.000 years old and does Not belong to the Era of Mankind but a Deceased/Extinct Civilisation.

Also the scarab (of death - there was only one centence)can be sensed in the words.

"Egyptian king "Shishak" " No egypt king But a ruler of verdicts a lawmaker of GOD - Chi es ha ak - Make the Word Broken for GOD - What means a Word Spoken for GOD or in God´s Name ever Should be the Truth or Perish!

"Jezreel Valley" Ye azrael is Uriel already Gone. A imposter who pretends to be GOD better known as israel nowadays. "Valley" fa allieds" betray Friends.(villan vuil(dutch for dirt) valley of the Dolls - where Children are raped! Ley Lines - Good Roads Given by GOD!(These Roads you will Not Understand because are from another Race of another Era 20.000 years ago)

"Negev " An ega en ef - the road to hel and back. Here convicts were sent as punisment to wander for a week without Water and is cause of the huge numbers of Water trauma We carry in Souls and politics aswell in the extorting manipulations by the bankers and nobils and others with Water.

"Jerusalem" - Ye eru Salem - thou with no GOD will die. Salem is the opposite of Alsem - Breath or Lifeforce Light of Life > GOD

"Karnak" arab for without death we are useless - ká arna ak. In dutch areas there also was a name for semites called kanaken killers of the lord faraos or vatican.

The christian churchtowers earlier were same as the semite mosk minarettes to throw atheists off to make Them beliefers in every word that was lied to Them befor they were converted to warningbelltowers in the European/semitewars.

"pharaoh" pfah a Rá oh há - death to GOD ( ráhoa raoha) and god am I. The farao dynasties had declared themselfes god and owner of all Creation without ever Realising they Never ever Created one tiny Drop of it! That The Real GOD Our Creator Did Whom they by all utmost wiped off of the Face of the Earth frightened as they were of an Enigma they never Experienced befor ..the Presence of Love and Life as Commander in Charge and Changing their ways and cultures into What it Now is a World of GOD Again!
btw Khirbat en-Nahas is nowadays called Khirbat al-Nabi Elias in israel


Some General

jesuits>jewsuits>jews in suits>politicians-officials-ministers-presidents
The super-secret Janus Group utilizes very highly-trained psychic assassins>medics-media-doctors-psychiatry-academia-democray-politics

Janus – Illuminati God Of Chaos and Deception They speak to each other in logos - the dove at the top represents the goddess Columbia aka Isis aka Semiramis - The super-secret Janus Group utilizes very highly-trained psychic assassins, who employ such techniques as the green and red marble systems, as well as the White Glove method. In order to psychically kill enemies of the Illuminati. - Speaks for itself. The lying, masked manipulative media in a Janus nutshell…

See Comment Meaning > djengizkhan = Enki´s priest Enki also Anci Anc Ank = God

yatsenyuk and sun yat sen(1905) and stalin and Ukrain:
Bonusje Георги Кънев • in a minute

Hmm the Universe got No shape because it does NOT exist

Also you and the science bunch talk about expanding universes...ehmm in what space then it is it expands? SO NO universe is expanding can you understand?...> Because the Space WHERE IN it expands THEN Must BE that Universe!

Also time does NOT exist. Time measurement is only a invention to "measure" speeds and durations of actions processes reactions movements changes...

SO concepts like timespace and ALL of einstein Simply do NOT exist!

Of course I will have to Tell this over and over again as long money is biggest equasion in science.

Also there are NO multiple universes because nothing plus nothing is Simply stil a big nothing!

This also makes the bigbang None existent and Space Infinite.

117 million lakes found in latest world count:
Thank you.

But this is stated to fast taking shortcuts. For example I immediately can think of the facts the higgsclaims speak of higgsparticles also in space

So in that case cosmic radiation also should have hit such random distributed targets throughout space and in our system where off then of course out of all random directions the decayproducts would emit and should have been easily detected. The countless lightyears of gasses and dustclouds should emit evidence...?

Space itself however does not emit any decayproducts or radiation.And with countless higgsparticles countless high energy rays it should...if there were something. Also the Moonsurface does not seem to emit evidence of collisions. Are any Gammaray detecting Satellites covering the Moon? (Wonder ...also for Explorationreasons .. prospects .. what the transformationresults are when atmosfereless Moons and Planets are bombarded for countless millenia with high energy rays and particles what even must penetrate deep into the Soils? Maby that is why Mercury is so iron..ious? And Earth might got some Elements or gasses from befor She had a Atmosfere?)

So mixing high altitude cosmicray decay with higgs particles seem Not of order.

Also the upper atmosfere cosmic ray incidents are so rarely in time and space distributed regarding claimed universal homogenic higgsfieldprecense that I think such can not be linked to eachother. @RT_com left porosjenko a egyptian and at right a rotchild looking like the dutch ex justice minister and also rotchild dries van agt(and like the dutch settled ex villain willem holleeder) that means position/Opposition control and centralbanking and nobils of aipac at least do have indirectly power over them by Mind control like they also commanded minions like stalin and dönitz at certain moments to betray Own Sides. Because of rape and programming at Baby and Newborlevels these people can not Help themselfes against that and will obey as if they were commanded by God Himself usualy thinking it indeed was Our Creator!

these doctors coverup adhd is from tortures at schooltrips by the beria mind controlprograms governments executed since worldwar
Bonusje coreyspowell • in a few seconds
Hmm " except when there is enough energy to bring the Higgs boson into brief physical existence""
There is regularly energy tentimes lhc or cern over like the Cosmic Radiation that comes by often enough and then must have had bull eyed any higgs particle by long now and We would have Sensed the enormous Consequenses and decayproducts or radiation.
That Never was the Case I am afraid.
Then there are many many extreme high energy areas in the Universe like the Suns Black Holes Jets....hawkins radiation...No higgs or indirect symptoms...?
Moon is hit billions of times by utmost high energies....? Our upper Atmosfere?

Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition via @bravenewfilms #GOPKochAddicts
Meaning > djengizkhan = Enki´s priest Enki also Anci Anc Ank = God ... faraos and centralbanksters for millenia called themselfes and their hoodlumscum offsprings gods. Farao ef Ra o could mean from God Himself or maby translated as Messias but they were Not!

Btw the bibles are Not accurate. For example the jews or rabbis wrote in it and menaced with it like writing it backwards in timeline. Reading it like they write the hebrew torah´s from right to left and from above to below and from back to front should give a whole other story.

Besides the on purpose wreckage of the texts and falsifications it takes much knowlegde like in areas of psychology psychopathy and knowledge of differences between Evolution Epoches and how primitive races describe advanced technologies even nuclear explosions in the bible you never noticed and what words in their original hebrew/Old Greek 2 and 3 letter sybileforms realy mean and even which alinea is a Word from Our Creator and which is of the many self declared faroa gods and sea of Mind controling brain washing rabbis. That Takes a Heart of Love to Can Distinguise Them apart. Also there is no Awareness the writings in the bibles are stretching periods very much longer and older than ever realised +8000 years. Also lots of history by long past by and done with it stil are given as "predictions visions futures treats and promisses but None are no more. End of time wars were 100.000 and 13.000 years ago and 11.413 years ago Earth axis changed 12,5 degrees where upon All civilisations came to an end after God had warned mankind for 500 years to Stop Man eating.

Also the Slave keeping status and wealth mongering religious political and elite leaders show you some of the books about 30 momentary of more than 140 at their own bennefit what suits them at the moment best for you to have to believe this time. And the supreme only ones who give you that bible are exclusively the jews or elites. So not even a Own Religion or Beliefe You Have! That they anihilated together with your Love because also Love is a Creature of Freedom. Some Myths Described that as the Deluge the Ragnarok or the Götterdämmerung end of Times end of Creation. And given was a Slave religion! True Beliefes True Religions are Born with You in the Blood Given by God and True Ark of the Covenant in Our Love that Leads Our Choices in Wisdom and Knowledge Given by God!

Also not one ever realised it that these bibles churches priests was given to rule over your Spirit and Mind for you over you at same time persecuting all Love till it was no More ...Slave by that and lost.... As surrogate for your own Born with you Knowledge of Good and evil and made you wander lost confused .. a lost Child.. to be abused as slave and minion and called you sheep and themselfes goot shepards. By that Mankind lost Her Freedom Love and God!

Btw meaning > bank means bá Anc kill God and baal means bá All anihilate Creation ...fatwas given by a farao 8000 years ago and was why Noah fled with the last surviving Members of His People the Israelites in His Arc of which Henoch describes some travels as far as He Could understand the Technology with the countless eons of Evolution between Them...a mystery Wonder and Godlike to Him... that was the last of the World of God on Earth. Because of this there stil is Lithium6 fallout in the northsyrian Area because Noah had to detonate a Polonium Hydrogenbomb to hold back the hordes(all of Mankind by Mind control from Birth on) of the farao and to make the Exodus Possible where the Arc was Harbored high at the Ararat as Beacon for the Refugees for hundreds of Miles Visible day and night. Near the True Israel what is now Known as the Turkisch City Van Southeast of the Van Legue. After that the Spirit of God the Body of Christ decayed under the deluge the sea of hate violence crime and rapes until even in the last Animal a Whalepare in Love at Sea was hunted down 203 years ago and the last Love on Earth was no More. The saga of ahab the captain(a japanese) full of hate and hate alone against the Wrong Ones but he saw the devil everywhere. The loss of Our Freedom changed everything every Soul into hate

The Piramides or Gizeh Represent the Arc and the three times it Came and most of it´s Forms in Some way. That is why Gizeh is pointed toward Orion because the Destination was far beyond Orion to Give the Last of Noah´s People a New Home. The " See I Make Everything New" Belongs to this Exodus and Episode and in about a thousand years a New Galaxy in Orion Will become Visible on Earth.
Oh and Satan got many interpretations what is in the eye of every beholders own position and opinion but satan means "es at ana "out of your Face. God became Invisible because you died when you saw His Being on Earth. And so sometimes ufo´s are described .. or white lights .... Some of them are a Glimpse of Him but Never was Recognised.

But when a slaughering and raping djengzkhan calls himself enki then you probably do indeed have a satan a devil and evil at hand but that vision can change because also the chinese empire long befor him was an utmost evil to the World where the Man eating crucifiers of Christ came from and befor that from afrika and befor that from Australia( or Atlantis) and befor that from japan and befor that from Space from Mars and are now Mankind and their status system nobil and banksterlords as in the old days it was also. But Europe was Innocent the last Innocense of God´s Worlds Who had no Change against such evil and violence crime and decay that flooded Them.
Civilisations Evolved in Peace and Love are Completely Different than those who are raised in evil and violence and are seperate dimensions or creations. Even all emanations of lying crime Blasfemies violence rape cheating shame murder abuse guilt were Unknown concepts because these crimes did Not exist. Even Babies and Children stil have trouble learning and accepting these concepts. That is why the evil can cheat abuse and lie so easily to every next Generation. Yet all evil longed and dreamed of that Paradise in their dreams murderings fights plans and wishes....even the banksers and mafia lords dutrouxes savilles the rabbis and their protocolls and the maja dreamed of and worked on Safe Heavens where they wanted to be Happy ...So Healing Salvation Transformation of Spirit Biology and Soul what is going on for 3000 years now is a Possiblity
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There also regularly are tv films with scientists as hero or victim who are persecuted or damaged by unsaid but utmost powerfull criminal parties and there is nothing they can do against it. Who posseses fimindustries and World media is no secret anymore. Could it be such tv movies are to signal academics to stay in consensus and obedience?
There also are daily lots of policeseries on tv but never We had or get any protection nor villans who treaten us are arrested or researched. Could this be to saturate our senses with suggestions of the opposite to reality and be to in reality hide even our bad situations and lots of crime?
Also what tv/politicians/politics and tv shows say and points out never correspondes with present situation in the streets or our real problems of the moment about which never a word is spilled on tv. Or the many new data about war holocaust slavery never are told but stil against all data the old consensus is kept.
About 60% of all science´s most popular theories and scientists are debunked and also there they in science and politics keep on holding on to the old propaganda and never speak a word about the new material or visions.
More very very expensive examples
""indeed does mean something! evil is their honor evil deeds their status #climatechange &
Look at the Wall including the Coastline
Posted by Mymy
The wall including coastline is similar to the starconstellation. And the dragon looks toward the West ie rest of the continent .... as enemy or prey ... all activity say We are prey for centuries now aswell as all banking and depraved plundereconomies came from china. They the chinese empire also distributed all nobils aka kingdoms in all Nations as managing occupationforces in their empire Earth! Even nowadays our politics nobils eucommisions finance banking is loaded with these asians eurasians...and We were/are dragged for more than 8000 years already away as slaves and whores including all Our Fruits of Work and Prosperities staying Poor and Slave forever under their rule!
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Sep 10, 2014, 11:27 am
WHAT DÀ F#CK??? TOP WHISLEBLOWER???? for some little espy case??? top?
Morons! Where is the Info on 143 TRILLION Euro of the LIBOR FRAUDS by the centralbankers???
Why is it odd lawmakers baillout every fraud banker together with all the stolen billions?
Did your banker and nobil commit genocide on your People and Families?
Did they rape your Children at schools?
The massive mass Child abuses by these centralbankers and nobils???
Obama who stole a warhead and tried to ignite ww3 with it?
Our Govs and laws filled with mafia wiseguys?
Our taxes straight from the wiseguy taxoffices to the kingpins abroad?
ALL mayors out of wiseguyfamilys head of the local pedofilerings and extorting taxes away and distribute drugs?
Schools elementaries creches daycares as tavistok drug alcohol tobacco addicting Brain washinstitutes?
West Not any debts BUT Claims and Bills for nobils and centralbankers?
THAT IS TOP Whisleblowing!!!
#Fakewhisleblowers #Fakewhisleblowercases #divertionbybanksandnobils
Sep 9, 2014, 11:04 pm
Very interesting lepra was 4000 yago in india and in medeval times in Europe and after that in afrika. Strychnine was used to poison People and Opposing Leaders and stigmatise and isolate Them with that because the strychnine poisonings did starve the extremities and was called leprosy. Jews made a fortune by poisoning also afrikans and asking for money for it. It seems to go with the church and the wandering jews who also brought the plague and rats 3th century with them from india to exterminate Europe. Befor the jews(asians) came there were not any of these deseases in Europe. Not any archeology found such. The pest and jews go a long way together and their religious hysterical hygienemeasures are based on these epidemics and horror that gave for at least 5000 years. On youtube in vids like the history of warfare/weapons you can find where all wars weaponry poisonous gasses poisons murdertechniques came from and how old they already must have been befor arriving in the wild wild West Europe where the asians/jews already 14th century had coltweapons/revolvers wherewith they gathered us as Slaves and cattle and shot us. 800 bc already they had steelmeltingplants and our(theirs) medaval seaships were based on the chinese "jonks"!

- The Sun is a Full Metal Sun Mymy

The Sun is a Full Metal Sun. For example the inner pressure at 200 kilometers of depht is already 200.000 Barr.

This extreme density works as isolation shield between inner and outer environment. On the inside Fotons even do Not exist but there only is pure heatwave.

When this breaks through the Skin this wave releases Energy by depressurisation.
It releases huge amounts of energy into the Corona what exists of Formost Gold.

The Gold absorbs formost and Most röntgen energy what also creates the high temperature and transforms it into the whole Spectrum of Visible Light You See.
Aug 3, 2014, 3:07 am
Bonusje • a year ago

Dare you to make me a believer but oeps there is missing argument. I gave mine so where is your shattering light?

Correct me if i am wrong stating science`s own initial claim darkmatter would be antigrav mysterious invisible driving expansionforce

So Tell why then a antigrav darkmatterparticle would could show up on Earth against +++ 100.000 years of opposing gravityforces of the Milky Way.

IF any ever would exist gravity and antigravitiymatter would each in it´s own area clutter at own sort away from eachother and random development in flightdirections of the masses would have shown such random influence.

So where am I not Brilliant according to you?

Also proof to me according to the Hubbeldeepspacefotos where there a einstein in any form and hubble in most form even should exist a second longer and therefor the bigbang and hubbleconstant and also by that darkmatter. There even is more popular science anihilating Telltale there. Dare you to find that on you own.

The Hubble deepspace material is enough proof for all these subjects.

Totalitarian Collectivism

rotchild behind chronic All anihilating migrationfloods&runs - 20:55 antisemitism is to protect the rotchilds in the crimes they commit

Neutrino´s…ever Guessed maby the warming of Earth´s Core is by Neutrino´s?

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock:

The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous
No einstein is wrong! Alone already the Huble Deepspace fotos ARE Proof. after billions of years in space through millions of gravtityfields along many many Galaxies light came undamaged undistorted Clear Crispy and in Right Order into the Lenses of the Hubble Telescope to Deliver Perfect Detailed Images.
What you are talking about are gas and dustclouds surrounding Solar Systems and Galaxies.
Besides IF a lens would be by gravity no image EVER would reach Earth because gravity is working assymetric by distance whta would leave only diverting lenses and no image ever would reach us by being dissolved by diversion(spreading and weakening).
Einstein is in ALL areas wrong even his E=mc2
What Said above also involves lot of his other opinions and debunk them each and every one including time space gravity couplings and even base of quantummechanics. And the Sun experiment was a fraud. It all was just to gain jews(centralbanksters&nobils) exclusive monopoly and supreme power over science to can abuse lute and plunder us and keep us imprisoned in unknowing oblivion as Mind controles Slaves.
Aug 4, 2014, 10:00 pm
Does Not look like new state of matter but reinventing old science again and give it new names.
Here with what now is called dropletons just very well known states N states of electronsteps is meant
This looks like plagiatrising the known science the known phenomena. Only thing impressive about this is the slick way the story is put together and refurbished.
Also shortening pulsetimes means lowering energy so here also no new phenomena that energy decreases and a lesser output of exitementstates can be expected. Energy output will probably correlate with the old well known N states/steps of electrons.
Aug 3, 2014, 10:14 pm

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