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24th Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

"Er I've changed my mind" #the45 #the55 #IndyRef

"Er I've changed my mind"
- An idea for a website or an addition to an existing resource

Aim:: reach out to the other side and re-engage the argument.

1/ Find a notable celebrity who voted "NO" but has changed their mind!

2/ Launch site with a media splash.

3/ Ask people who voted no, who have also changed their mind, to add a comment.

4/ Keep a running total.

5/ Keep a backlog of notable 'changers' to keep the site in the public eye. More media splash.

(6/) In parallel -so as to stop Yes voters polluting the study- have a:

"Why I voted yes"

to keep the proIndy contingent happy.

This would hopefully prevent Yes voters pretending to have voted no!

Use upvoting for both sides comments.
Hilight particularly good responses.
Trawl responses for good ideas; look for common themes to trigger a rethink in other naysayers.
Build a database of the lost sheep and draw them into the GrassRoots movement.
*At all times* act in a positive manner.
Do not let the Elite use divide and conquer!

Use responses and the usual electronic bells and whistles to maximise engagement

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