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22nd Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

e--Groats & porridge cc @lightacandle @bellacaledonia @Common_Weal

To cheer someone up from the Radical Independence campaign.

(This is just for you :')

According to the Nay Sayers, an independant Scotland would need c. £30 billon national kitty to float it's own currency. Henceforth the e-groat.
Naturally this would be a local alternative electronic currency and utilise pioneering technology announced by Apple et al. This is the 21st Century we must embrace the future.
The world can have it's bitCoins but Alba has its eGroats!

However it would also be a real hard currency, minted in Scotland and recognised in Scotland.

Just in Scotland.

Its value equated to the cost of a full-on Scottish high tea for one. (Just joking?)

The currency should be spectacular with _Queen Elizabeth the First_ emblazoned proudly on the obverse making it a collectors item for the first limited edition production run.

Ka-Ching with the right marketing that should be worth a million or so right there!

After that the e-Groat would have regular cosmetic changes thus bringing in additional cash with special releases.

Ka-Ching etc.

Just as the Royal Mint did with decimalisation.


And the regular release of special stamps.


The real input into the e-Groat National Kitty would be by a voluntary tax on porridge. Or rather the national oat harvest. A portion of which would be reserved; specially packaged and sold at a premium of one (accursed) English penny per Kilo. or something like it.
Certain noteworthy manufacturers Nairns/ Scotts etc might be induced into a promotion as well.
The e-Groat Kitty fund would be aggressively marketed abroad to catch the ex-pat community. Support for Alba etc.
The revenue being ploughed into the national kitty for:
* careful speculation (25%)
* investment in local business (25%)
* Albacentric R&D (25%) eg wind/ wave power; energy storage; CO2 sequestration in old oil wells; using biotech to extract oil from 'traditionally' exhausted oil wells; technologies for converting oil into plastics and converting CO2 back into hydrocarbons / plastics using your abundant supplies of surplus renewable energy/ stuff... Scottish stuff!.
* guaranteed investments (25%) (Gilts perhaps some BoE ones! Or perhaps not, they may go bust.)

When you have the £30 billion go for another referendum :)

(I think it will be a lot faster than you think!)

Just an idea
Bro. B!0!F!

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