[Tran] #ParkShinHye #박신혜 interview in Thailand from http://www.thairath.co.th/content/451742

Q: You come back to Thailand to have Fan meet here again, how is your feel?
Ans: Really happy, last year Thailand was the last stop of the Asia tour, this year Thailand is also the last stop as well.

Q: Last year you really touched and cried, have you ever think that Thai fans will love you this much?
Ans: Never thought that I will received such a good feedback, so really happy. Actually I know that Thai people like to watch Korean dramas, but didn't know that there will be that many fans who came to see me because there were a lot more than I expected. Sometimes I feel guilty because I couldn't come here too often. I've prepare something special for this FM and have a chance to get closer to fans.

Q: You've work really hard, how do you take care of yourself?
Ans: If I have free time, I will exercise.

Q:Because you are this beautiful, beauty products trusted you to be their presenter.
Ans. Really happy to be presenter for the brand like mamonde because it's really a good brand and not only being use in Korea, women in China and other countries in Asia also like this brand, so feel really honored

Q: What is your method for working and be successful in this industry until now?
Ans: don't have any particular method, just work happy everyday and also work hard everyday.

Q:What is your next project?
Ans: Will act in a drama called "Pinocchio" with LJS, KYK and LYB. This is quite challenging because in the past I didn't received a role like this before. I will be a reporter who cannot lie, if I lie I will hiccup. It's really interesting

Q: Is there any role you want to act?
Ans: I wanna play an action role

Q:Do you have any acting technique that make audience fall in love and believed that you really are that character?
Ans: Sometimes I also wondering as well (smiled), tried to adapted these characters, and sometimes those character also have something similar to me.

Q: What is your view about love?
Ans: Sharing love with sincerity, however each love has different style (This answer is little bit difficult to trans)

Q: Are you a romantic person?
Ans: Nope (smiled)

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