[Rough trans #StoryOfAngelinThailand] Shinhye words after see our project: "Before I come to Fan meet, hope to have good Fan meet with fans who give me lots of love, in every Fan Meet I don't know how long my Fan Meet gonna last. During these time there are something that make I feel sad and make me feel tired/worried but I can get through because of fans. After the heirs I feel more burdensome and also received more love from fans. During the time that I feel sad and worried sometimes I forget what I promise to fans. Thank you fans who always support me, love me and stand by my side. Will start to film the drama after this, so I hope fans will keep support me. All this time I always worried that will I able to come and meet fan like this but now I have more confident that I will able to come back and meet you all again, this is only little thing that I can promise you all"

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