“Hello there. How have you been? I’ve been doing good. Much better than expected, to be honest. Since last time I visited you, I have achieved some of my goals. People start to know me. Some of them even call me a hero. Can you believe that? All I do is helping them as much as I can. Some of them are really nice, some only pretend to be friendly to me. Honestly, I only have a real friend. He’s always at my side. Do you remember Vegeta’s son, Trunks? The other day he arrived to a city that was being destroyed by the androids before I do. He asked me to train him, so I’m doing that. He’s very strong. However, he can’t transform yet into a Super Saiyan. He’s still very young. However, I’m positive he’ll become an even better warrior than I am. I want to train tougher with him than before. In some more years from now, I’m sure Trunks would be able to help me and finally get rid of those monsters. If I die, he’ll be the last warrior left, and maybe he’ll get to succeed where I’ve failed for the last four years. I’m doing my best to protect Earth, you know? But… yeah… you’ve seen it, right? It was last year, short after my last visit to you. Trunks and I were flying over a city when the androids attacked an amusement park. I was winning Seventeen, but his nasty sister interfered. If I was stronger, or fought them one by one, I could win to them. Trunks tried to help me, but he got bad injured. He was unconscious when I took him in hide. I’m embarrassed to admit I was frightened, not only for the possibility of losing my life that day, I was worried also for Trunks’. We were behind a wall. Both androids were looking for us, but they didn’t got to know where we were. Eighteen fired an energy attack. Must have passed out, because next thing I remember is pain. I hardly could move, and realized I have lost my left arm. Trunks wasn’t far from me, yet had to make a great effort to drag myself closer to him. Thought I had at least two Senzu Beans, but only had one left. So I did what my father would do: I gave it to my little bro. When I awoke, I was at Capsule Corp. Bulma took care of me like my own mother would do. It took me some months get to recovered. I think it was thanks to Bulma and her son I recovered really quickly. By the way, must confess I haven’t went to visit mom. She’s always worried for me. What do you think she would say if she knew I’ve lost my arm? Probably she knows already… maybe Bulma has told her… I don’t know. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I saw her crying because of me. You don’t know how hard is for me when I go home and leave her side despite her tears, despite I want to protect her and make her happy. But my duty is not only to her, but to all people. So I’ve always pretended her tears and pleas for staying don’t move me. Inside, my heart gets broken. Sometimes I actually feel I’m a bad son. Then I remember the creations by Dr. Gero, that someone had to take my father’s place. And I go somewhere to train harder. Sometimes I feel so bad… only Trunks understands why I live the way I do. Thanks to him, I don't feel so lonely. That boy is actually my hope. I know he’ll get whatever he strives for. He’s born to be a winner. I’m sure Vegeta would be as proud of him as I am. It’s late, must go now. If I’m still alive next year, I’ll come to visit you again. Not a day goes by without I think about you. Happy birthday, father. I love you.” #TheEnd

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