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19th Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

e-Groats and your pension

@llanelli_riots @havantacluOTMP cc @Common_Weal The critical thing: Keeping the #Indyref momentum of the various grassroots campaigns going with new aims.
I have some ideas... off the top of my heid ;) there were two sticking points: currency; pensions
Campaign to introduce a local Scottish currency "e-Groats" in line with other experiments.
Set up a national savings bank to build up a capital fund of the size estimated £30 billion.
Whilst this was largely a #ProjectFeat phantom: set up a national pension scheme and transfer pension liability to Scotland. Making sure that the payout is better than rUK.
Credit Unions
Local finances for local needs: businesses; homes; social programs;...
There are other ideas pending a slight reworking and a visit to pastebin :)
Basically provide the grassroots movements with small scale, readily achievable and local (Scottish) goals. After 1979 the slump led to further oppression. The fight back must continue.

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