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[TRANS] A Natural Acting Which Leaves A Trail of Life Park Yuchun - Part 2

** WARNING!: Please be informed that there are spoilers in this part of the interview. This is a published interview and answers came from Yuchun himself. I am not revealing spoilers on my own but merely translating whatever that was published in the interview. It is readers' choice whether or not to read this part of the interview. **

Q: In what way was Dongshik a reliance for Hongmae?

A: Basically when a man's thought is shown through his actions, this becomes a huge force for a lady. Isn't it? Even if that's not it, when a lady has set her mind on it, she will be able to move in accordance with the man's ways. It's a good thing that Hongmae is pure. Though Dongshik protected Hongmae, he also relied a lot on Hongmae. Because of Hongmae, the sense of responsibility which Dongshik carries with him seems to be exploding until now.

Q: During the premier, Hongmae's dialogue, "Let's go home" was the line that was most spazzed about.

A: While filming that scene, Hongmae was frantically beating in my bosom and it was really painful. But when Hongmae was crying to herself and hugging Dongshik, I didn't
realize that I unconsciously let out a sigh, "Aigoo [T/N: Oh my..]."It was like a grandmother saying to her grandchild, "Aigoo, my grandchildren." Just like that moment, I wanted to feel and protect Hongmae like a child. On top of that, the moment when I heard the word 'house' the thought of my grandmother sprouted. Knowing how big a happiness it was to have a home to return to, I felt even more pathetic.

Q: It seems like Dongshik relationship with his grandmother and his personality development has made a great impact on you.

A: Actually, the scene between Dongshik and his grandmother is longer. Dongshik's grandmother nags during a parent talk, "It's good if you can stop working on a ship and get yourself a wife. It was not easy for your mom to spend her life with a husband who works on a ship." Dongshik wanted to feel the love his father had experienced so he followed his father's footsteps of taking up a job on-board a ship. Even though he is the grandson, he mostly lives with his grandmother and thinks about taking responsibility over his grandmother. Because we have those similar sides, it really touches my heart and I felt his difficulties.

Q: Which side of Dongshik resembles you the most personally?

A: I am the type who has no other way but to work hard for whatever I want or do not want. In the movie, Dongshik shows himself only to his grandmother of the other sailors so his naive and pure image stands out, but if he was among his peers who are his age, he would have felt more mature. Nevertheless, Dongshik does not easily show or pour out the sense of responsibility which he feels himself to anyone. Even to his grandmother, he does not say much and take it in on his own.

Q: When hiding Hongmae or when stopping the captain from beating up the stowaways, Dongshik showed that he was a smart kid who knew how to make good use of his position as the youngest on board.

A: Among the sailors, he [Dongshik] was the only one who graduated from high school (laughs). He's a smart and clever dude, right? He is not as pure, naive and blur as people may think he is, you know? It's more like his self-expression is his strong side. When he was with Hongmae, the two of them were putting on a show and pretending to be clueless. However when Dongshik was asking Wan-ho [T/N: the original word used here was 'aje' which is the slang for ahjussi. Dongshik calls the Jeonjin's chief engineer 'aje.' This character is played by Moon Seung-goon] if Hongmae could stay in the engine room, he could not mount the story together and it was known that he was trying to talk/share. Because Dongshik usually treats the chief engineer [T/N: Again, original word used was 'aje'] as a father, there is a side of him which could confront the chief engineer comfortably. Such a shrewd guy, right? (laughs)

[To be continued...]

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Original source: http://www.movist.com/star3d/read.asp?type=32&id=22428

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