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17th Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

.@damonpayne Several inexpensive speaker options available online:

1) Monoprice 10565:

5 small speakers + 8" sub. Cheap as it gets without being garbage. Plain black boxes but small. Need an AVR

2) Vizio S4251w:

Soundbar with wireless 6" sub. Surround speakers connect to wireless sub making them pseudo-wireless. No HDMI, but does have Dolby Digital and DTS decoders.

3) Energy Take Classic 5.1:

On par with Monoprice 10565. Nicer looking and gloss black.

4) Pioneer Andrew Jones Gen.2:

The best sounding inexpensive speakers out there, IMO. Physically much larger than what a lot of people expect/want, though. I'm showing links to Pioneer's website where you can buy them directly, but you can often find them at even lower prices. Amazon, Best Buy, Tiger Direct, Parts-Express all carry these speakers and might have them on sale.

SP-PK22BS is a great, convenient 5.1 bookshelf package:

If there's a "weak link" in the lineup, it's the 8" subwoofer. Therefore, I wouldn't really recommend the SP-PK52FS 5.1 package with the Tower Fronts. Instead, buy the speakers separately and then add a better subwoofer.

SP-FS52 Tower (sold individually):

SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Pair:

SP-C22 Center:

I'd mate those with the stellar for its price and size...

HSU STF-2 subwoofer:

5) Speaking of HSU...

HSU Value 2 Packages:

Fairly large, plain black, horn-loaded bookshelf speakers with an STF-2 subwoofer. Killer when you need higher efficiency speakers.


From here on out, I'll be recommending that no matter which of these speakers you buy, if the goal is to keep the price as low as possible, you keep the HSU STF-2 as your subwoofer of choice. It's the best value out there, IMO.

6) Need the loudest output using the least amount of power?

BIC America Acoustech:

Horn-loaded lineup of high efficiency, high output speakers.

7) Ascend Acoustics HTM-200SE:

One of the most versatile speakers out there with a tweeter that's a cut above for its price range. These are compact (though not small, exactly. And they're plain, black boxes) and you can position them just about anywhere - on stands, on-wall, in a bookcase or shelving unit, etc. - and they'll still perform well.

8) The entire Ascend Acoustics lineup:

Wonderfully linear, even dispersion, transparent speakers. The SE Series are plain looking, pretty darn large, black boxes, but their sound is excellent. The Sierra Series are gorgeous using real bamboo cabinets (no veneers), but they're definitely not inexpensive!

9) Aperion Audio Intimus:

Very nice looking in gloss black. A good alternative to the Ascend SE series when you want better looks.

SPECIAL NOTE: Once we get to larger room sizes and these sorts of price points, you might be looking for an even better subwoofer than the HSU STF-2.

The Outlaw Audio LFM-1 Plus is a fantastic pick for bigger rooms that need a lot of output and genuine 20Hz extension:

After that, I'd probably just look to the SVS lineup of subwoofers if you're willing to go even higher in price:

10) There are plenty of other options out there, of course. But I consider the options above to be my "go to" suggestions and basically the "best in breed" for various purposes and situations. But there's no harm in also looking at HTD, NHT, Fluance, and it should be mentioned that sells discounted speakers, too. In particular, KEF and Boston Acoustics can be purchased there, and they're great speaker choices.

And to power all of these speakers (other than the Vizio Soundbar), I'd highly recommend getting your AV Receiver from . And for a lower price point, I'd recommend Denon most highly so that you'll at least get Audyssey MultEQ auto-setup and room correction at the very least:

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