#RACISMhj: @Morning_Joe's #domesticviolence indignation goes from black to white

Morning Joe pretends that people are fired by their employers first, and the issue of guilt or innocence is decided later. When the truth is, most people have the luxury of going to trial without their employer even knowing it!

Unless you're Jack the Ripper, or some similar notorious character, your offenses aren't even known to your employer, sometimes, not even after your convicted! But Joe Scarborough wants us to think that employers punish first, and court results come later. Oh that Joe wants to punish, punish, punish, punish, Diasporans...

Where was Joe when Phillies pitcher, Brett Myers was beating his wife in the streets of Boston, dragging her about by her hair? Where was he when Penis dangling Ben Roethlisberger was raping women? Where was he when PGA golf champion, John Daly, was slamming his wife into a wall. Or do white man get a pass, where his indignation of #domesticviolence is concerned?

Joe told us that anyone else would be fired. Did he forget #DarrenWilliams, who executed #MichaelBrown in front of witnesses, in broad daylight? He not only didn't get fired, he's didn't even get arrested. As a matter of fact, he was hidden, relieved of work, but paid anyway...

One of the techniques of racism is, to adopt a harsh standard, that are only applied to Diasporans.

Why is the NFL under scrutiny, when their domestic violence statistics are better than the norm? Why are there no white athletes, who are the focus of media calls for punishment, and impoverishment?

Why are white men, who care nothing for Diasporan women, allowed to beat them in a frenzy; throw them over porches, shoot at their automobile, occupied by small children, and media doesn't react. Why are white men allowed to tasser an eight-year-old girl, and place girls younger than that, in handcuffs.

By contrast, when a Diasporan man, who loves a woman enough to marry her, and share his fortune with her, and supports and loves the children they have together, hits her one time, when they are both drunk, and when she struck him first, it's "horrifying." And the only thing to be done, is to make sure that both of them are publicly humiliated and, his money is taken away, and his job is taken away, along with social isolation, and the wife and children, media cares so much for, are reduced to poverty...

Is the media cry, to hang them high, really about #domesticviolence, or is it about #racism.

Racist don't like Diasporans to have anything they consider valuable: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sa3cs9

This is what a horrifying beating looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnpT6GLk6a0

*Diasporan: A descendant of a survivor of the African diaspora.

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