Twitter Log from Les Miles press conference

@BarrecaAdvocate: Les is here.

@DellengerAdv: Les Miles: "We had a good practice. Not perfect. Closing in on a quality game plan."

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Dural: "He had a little accident. Sustained soft tissue injury. Will play in the game."

@DellengerAdv: Miles said Dural practiced today with his helmet on.

@LSUfball: Coach Miles on Travin Dural: He’ll play in this game. He was at practice today.

@RabalaisAdv: Miles asked if alcohol was involved in the accident and stressed not on Dural's part at least.

@Tiger_Rag: Miles confirms Trey L is practicing with the team. "He looks good. We're gonna get him into some live work." He's fully cleared

@DellengerAdv: Miles said it's too early to know if Trey L will be redshirted. He could "step in front of some guys," Miles said.

@TDR_sports: Miles on Diarse: "He has improved tremendously. He reminds me of Landry."

@RabalaisAdv: Miles on playing in-state foe: There will be portion of this state united in watching this stadium. We expect great competition.

@BenLoveTSD: Miles is slaying young reporters right now. So glad to be out of that newbie stage on the beat. Pretty funny, though.

@LSUfball: Coach Miles on Coach Brick Haley: He’s a tremendous mentor and teacher of the game. He does a great job for us.

@Tiger_Rag: Miles: We're always working a 3rd QB in a passive role with few reps

@DellengerAdv: Miles said Jake Clise or Kragthorpe would be considered the No. 3 QB with Foster out.

@DellengerAdv: Miles said Dural was picking up a friend, who had misplaced his keys.

@TDR_sports: Miles presser has concluded.

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