@TheRalphRetort The story of what happened between TFYC and Zoe Quinn, from Quinn joking about DDOSing their website to this alleged "peace treaty" that they struck last week, is messy and interesting. There are certainly compelling reasons we might report on it, and normally, I'd contact all involved parties and try to dig into the truth about what happened. But this situation is not normal by any means. And we're hesitant to A) publish an article that would encourage or facilitate more harassment of ANYONE; B) cover a story that heavily involves someone who had a now-very-public relationship with one of our reporters. Maybe in a few months, when things have simmered down, that will change -- and if another outlet writes a thorough, fair, honest account of what happened, we'd certainly consider linking out to that -- but for now, I don't feel comfortable trying to tackle that story on Kotaku. (FYI, I also made it clear to Matt when we spoke that our conversation might not lead to any sort of article.)

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