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9th Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

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My saga

Ok so in may or June the redheadbedhead made this post about like indie silicone manufacturers that were awesome. I read some stuff about vamp, saw their awesome colors, and poked around their site. I emailed them asking if I could review for them, complimented their customizations and funky designs. They responded promptly and were like yes of course and thanks for the kind words, and asked what I was interested in, basically saying I could go hog wild. So I picked my plug and my dildo, and they said they didn't keep stock on hand so they were going to make these things special for me and asked about color preferences. I told them my favorite colors were reds and oranges and blues and greens, basically anything but purple, white/clear, and pink. They told me it would take about a month and I said that was fine. So when my items finally come in the mail, I thought it was a joke. It was a plug that I hadn't asked for that was completely different than the one I asked for (explained in the email by them saying, oh you'll like this better!") in CLEAR with GLITTER and a dildo in soft skin when I specified that I wanted the regular silicone, and guess what? It's purple. Even worse than that? It's floppy as shit. Like, can't even insert it inside of me, packer consistency.
I'm not being a brat about the colors, I'm upset because they lied to me about wanting to make something special for me and obviously just gave me whatever the hell they had lying around, and then acted like they had no idea why I was possibly upset. Reviewing is really time consuming, hard work, and I don't like being lied to and ignored. I didn't have any issue waiting, they could've made me wait 6 months and it would have been fine, but instead they lied and acted as though they misunderstood what I wanted when I was explicit about it in the first place, all to cover up laziness. I wouldn't have minded them being honest and being like oh we're in over our heads or busy right now. But no. They lied.

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