Anakata Trial: Googlish Translation of Danish Coverage

An attempt at an English translation of some coverage of Gottfrid Svartholm's trial here:
(Thanks Google Translate. **Please note: I DON"T speak Danish!** This is not my translation, I am only smoothing out the rough Google version in an attempt to make the news more available to those outside Denmark. Any corrections from Danish speakers are welcome. :))

"Accusations in Hacker Case: to Retweet an Article Similar to Themselves to Have Written"
[??? Someone Retweeting an Article, the Same as Having Written it Themselves???]

A large part of CSC trial is to determine who wrote what on the Internet under aliases. According to the prosecutor [this] can now also be taken to mean what others write.

By Adam Fribo Friday, September 5, 2014 - 11:54

Functionalities on Twitter and the their importance played a prominent role in today's questioning of Gottfrid Svartholm Warg. Prosecutor Anders Riisager would like to state that Warg is personal friends with the American IT security expert Jacob Appelbaum.

This should be seen in light of the fact that Appelbaum will act as expert witness in the case, which the prosecution vehemently tried to prevent.

Warg denied being friends with Appelbaum, and this is where Twitter enters the picture.

Riisager showed a picture of Appelbaum's Twitter profile, where Appelbaum retweeted an article from TorrentFreak written by Warg's friend Niklas Femerstrand.

The article is titled "Sweden Kidnapped My Friend, Anakata" and refers to the arrest of Warg in Cambodia.

"Here writes Appelbaum, he is your friend," said Anders Riisager.

"It is factually incorrect. He sent it, someone else wrote it, "replied Warg.

"Jacob Appelbaum [??? can therefore be made in person to the revenue of this ???], and he writes that you are his friend," insisted Riisager. The laughter from the gallery was now so loud that he asked for peace.

Anders Riisager continued to review the Twitter conversations from Jacob Appelbaums profile and identified places where he retweeted other users' entries that are more or less sympathetic with Warg.

The prosecution continued to refer to them as things Appelbaum had written until the defense's protests prompted the judge to respond and protest Riisager.

Jacob Appelbaum [was] called as a witness by the defense, and is expected to counter later in the day.

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