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7th Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

Repost: 140908 DS & YB @ Music Japan - talk (translation)

140908 Music Japan
YB: Good evening, I'm SOL.
DS: Good evening. It's been a while.
MC: Wow! You're so popular!
DS: Thank you!
MC: D-Lite last year, and SOL this year, both made a solo debut in Japan
Perfume (1): Today we wanna ask you two abt what you are into lately. D-Lite... drums?
DS: Yes, just a little. I liked it from before but I didn't have time. I've been learning little by little since last year and now it's my hobbie. I'm not good though
Perfume (2): Drums is your hobbie!
Perfume (1): (show us) just a little... how do you do it?
DS: How do I...? I always think of the body as drums too. Can you pls hold the mic? (does air drums w/ his body)
Perfume: Awesome!
YB: D-Lite and I live on the same building, he lives upstairs. Everyday he's doing (beatboxes imitating drums) so I can't sleep at all
MC: It's noisy, right?
DS: It's electric drums but even so it's quite noisy
Perfume (2): That must be pretty annoying, huh?
DS: It must be, right? (exaggerated laugh)
MC: That's definitely annoying
Perfume (3): I've also heard that YB has a dog to "heal" him...
YB: That's right. I love dogs. His name is Homie
MC: Honie
YB: It's Homie
MC: Hornie
YB: Ho-mie! It was very cute as a puppy but now it's really fat and it's turned violent
MC: Homie, what kind of dog is it?
YB: It's a bulldog. Now it's really powerful and nobody can stop him
MC: They say that having a bulldog is like living with an old man, that his snoring is no joke. Doesn't he do it, your bulldog? Is the snoring ok?
(YB doesn't know the word "ibiki" (snoring) and looks at DS who shows him)
YB: aaaah, yes he does it
MC, ah, sorry. (the word) Ibiki (snoring)
DS: It's this, right? (snores loudly)
YB: The snoring is pretty bad
MC: But that's cute too, right?
YB: Yeah, it's cute but with the heavy snoring and D-lite's (beatboxes drums) from upstairs...
MC: Waaah, that's really bad. You'll have to move out
YB: It's hard everyday. I'm tired.
Perfume (2): Please, get ready
DS: Pls take good care of us
YB: Ready, set! (both start doing the funny walk)
MC+ Perfume laugh. It seems that they did the funny walk before during the recording too

~ end ~

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