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7th Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

#FLASH - Brief Opinion on the Minsk "12 Points" - Disaster Without a Good Answer

The discussion of "enforceability" of the "12 Points" is irrelevant. Worse - it is misguided and misleading. It matters not whether this document is "enforceable" in a court of law.

The bulk of international customary law is derived from state practice - what states do is the law. Same with treaty law - treaties only really matter if states abide by what they signed.

Apart from a few mechanisms of enforcement that do exist in the international sphere, only brute force is the real arbiter of international relations - being compelled to obey. Accordingly, what matters is whether or not the signatories to the "12 Points" intend to abide by this document.

The 12 Points are rife with betrayal and perfidy. Zakharchenko and Plotnitskiy signed this document. The only way this document is relevant is if they intend to abide by it or if they are forced to abide by it.

Everything now depends on what LPR/DPR leaders do now. If they comply with the 12 Points, then the conclusion is clear - they have betrayed what NAF and Novorossiya fought for.

However, even the mere fact that they signed it is a disaster. If LPR/DPR don't abide by the "12 Points", they may draw the ire of the international community, including Russia.

Then what do we do? Where do they get support from then? How will Russian be able to withstand the pressure of the international community? How will LPR/DPR?

ONE QUESTION REMAINS: Why in the world was this perfidious document signed in first place? I HAVE NO ANSWER. There is no good answer.

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