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4th Sep 2014 from TwitLonger

Trans @Heezzinpang: I met Eunbi-yang, who has left to heaven, for the first time today through a picture. She was very cute, and seeing her smile kindly brought tears to my eyes. And the person who is having the hardest time more than anyone, EunB-yang`s mother, said “EunB-ya,.. Sunbaenims came to see you, EunB.” and comforted us instead, and watching that made me feel very sad and many thoughts passed my mind. To be honest, I have been thinking a lot since yesterday… whether I should post on the sns or not about this accident that doesn`t feel like someone else`s affair. What I want to say is, please make sure to wear seatbelts. We, more than anyone else, have close relations with car accidents. 8 years ago, when I had a car accident, if I wasn`t wearing seatbelts…… I also have many times where it feels bothersome to wear seatbelts but I think about the past and always wear it. I want to say this again so I am leaving a post like this..I sincerely hope for EunB yang to rest in peace and for those around EunB-yang to become happy. And I hope Kwon Rise-yang, who is still going under treatments, to wake up soon. Our member Kyuhyun-ee said this. When he was in an accident, he wasn`t concious for 4 days.. That Rise-yang will definitely wake up..... Really.. Like Kyuhyun`s words.. Like Kyuhyun-ee.. I pray that she will have strength and will wake up.

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