Twitter log from Les Miles post-practice press conference

@TDR_sports: Les Miles is in the room.

@DellengerAdv: Post-practice with Miles: "This team's starting to feel right to me."

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: We had a nice week of preparation. Worked hard today, got a lot done. This team is starting to feel right to me.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: We're improving. I like the plan. it needs to be a good plan because of a quality opponent.

@DellengerAdv: Miles is "itching" to play a game in newly renovated Tiger Stadium.

@TDR_sports: Miles: They have always played in front of a stadium that is full and loud. They would not recognize Tiger Stadium any other way.

@DellengerAdv: Miles: "I would certainly say christening the stadium is something that the team and fans should understand. Should be loud."

@DellengerAdv: Miles on renovated stadium: "I can imagine there will be a little difference in wind. It looks to me to be beautiful."

@Tiger_Rag: Les on whether he thinks game conditions will change with expansion: "I haven't been in there for a game." Maybe a bit different w/wind.

@DellengerAdv: Miles on playing up-tempo spread team after run-heavy UW: "We shift gears. Coaches understand it's a different week completely."

@TDR_sports: Miles: I think we shift gears pretty effectively. Our coaches understand it's a different week, completely

@TDR_sports: Miles: Tackle football is tackle football

@DellengerAdv: Miles says everyone is fully healthy, lost no one from last week's game.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Some guys had 1st game starts, miscues. That's all part of first games. Hoko had good week of practice and a good game

@TDR_sports: Miles on Fanaika: Had a good week of practice... expect him to start again.

@DellengerAdv: Miles says Evan Washington is the next guy in at all of the positions. Washington got reps at center today.

@DellengerAdv: Miles says Ethan Pocic will start at center again for LSU. Miles said "he doesn't know" that Porter will play vs. SHSU.

@DellengerAdv: Hoko Fanaika will start at right guard, Miles said.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles said no doubt Fournette could have caught screen pass if he hadn't been tackled, but after seeing film, ref was right.

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Trey Quinn playing nearly each snap: "He is a smart football player, guy that really takes to practice and works technique."

@Tiger_Rag: Les asked about Quinn playing every snap. Jokes that they haven't found anywhere for him on defense yet.

@DellengerAdv: Miles said he expects Jalen Collins to start again.

@DellengerAdv: Miles mentions that there are "some young defensive linemen" who might find the field this week who didn't play vs. UW.

@DellengerAdv: Those likely include: Herron, Bain, Gilmore, etc.

@TDR_sports: That's it for Miles.

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