[TRANS] MiMi Fan Event Fan Account Summary Part2

cr: @Risa_yhcm
Minshiru-san: Minu's room is not very tidy.. what about your room, Changmin-san?
CM: To compare to someone at my age.. I think I do cleaning more than the most of the people at my age.. But its a different issue whether my room is clean or not…
Minshiru-san: Someone at your age.. (laugh)
CM: Someone... about one person.. compared to the person who are near me.. my room is much cleaner! ('^ J ^')b

CM: My room is much cleaner than the room of someone at my age.
Minshiru-san: Your room must be a lot more cleaner than someone who are always near you, Changmin-san www
CM: The person.. approximately just one person who are always with me… The messiness of the person's room is quite a serious matter!

CM: If there is a hair salon where we can find a stylist who are as pretty as her (Ga-young), I will go there for 24 hours 365 days.
Minshiru-san: You will be an obstacle (you will bother her) www

When CM appeared on stage, fans who were sitting near the stage were.. instead of screaming.. "Changmin! Changmin!".. they all went.."Oh, a bit scary.. scary" "oh, its impossible.. impossible." "Uhhhhhh" CM looked a lot taller than 186 cm and his face was tanned.. his face was a lot more clean cut and much more handsome than what we expected from him in magazines. He was just perfect looking.

CM sat on the stool, he had his back stretch for all the time. There was nothing to lean on for 1 hour. It must had been really hard for him. Sometimes, CM stretched his legs, and his back/hip. But he kept moving his fingers.. he was a bit restless. He scratched his thumb, he flicked his knee with his index finger.. When he watched video with fans, his head leaned towards the right shoulder … and I guess this is one of his habits :)

In four choices/answers for the question "Which one of the four is Minwoo's school uniform", we found the picture of Yunho (in full smile) in school uniform as Do-hoon in Yawang. Everyone including CM bursted into laughter. CM said, "The person who we do not need for Mimi / who got nothing to do with Mimi wants to get much more involved in Mimi ww"

Because Moon Ga-Young does not speak/understand Japanese, they had the fan event in KOR with a KOR/JPN translator. But when CM got excited, he spoke in Japanese :) He was really cute. When he did not agree with the translation of the translator, CM corrected her in Japanese, "I have not said it to the extreme!" www

Ga-Young chan picked the painting side wall scene as her favorite scene. CM chose the first kiss scene as everyone expected. As soon as the scene appeared on the screen, everyone laughed.. CM said, the moon light was shining through.. there were statues.. a sad confession and the kiss. Everything was perfect for CM. www

CM kept saying how cute Ga-young chan is… once every 2 min…

Minshiru-san: How have you been lately?
CM: Unlike Yunho-hyung, I have been playing around, eating, drinking…

No one asked him about Yunho! wwww

I was so happy to hear Yunho-hyung from Changmin!!!!!!

A bit of complaints from Ga-Young chan to CM
- It was so very cold and her thin skirt fabric was frozen.. but CM did not give her a blanket (>_<)
- CM was very slow in drawing a picture (during the quiz/game)
- Because CM was not able to get correct answer, Ga-Young chan said that she won't meet with oppa anymore (laugh)

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