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MiMi Fan Event Fan Account Summary Part1

cr: @you_uknow0206
When they need to pick a couple of games (questions).. one of the question is "Which one was Minwoo's school uniform?" Among the choices, there was a picture of Do-hoon :)

When the picture of the room of Minwoo's studio/apartment was shown (on the screen), Minshiru-san asked CM, "Is your room clean?"
('^ J ^') There is one person who does not clean room very much/ leaves his room in a mess near me.

Changmin was not talkative today. He seemed to be a bit more nervous than usual. I noticed that he kept shaking his legs (not vigorously though.. a little bit)

When CM needed to pick a fan to give a gift with his autograph, CM looked into the boxes and picked the one who was sitting in the very end row seat of the second floor. I thought it is CM. I was touched by that.

CM said in Bali he did 3 hour photo shoot and then he had three free days :) He said Saikou! (The best) in Japanese and gave his thumb up.

CM: I took one hour nap since I arrived in this venue. (laugh)
Minshiru-san: Since you took nap, you must be bright crispy sharp Changmin-san now :)

Since A-nation, CM was free so he spent most of his time eating, drinking and sleeping :)
CM seemed to be a bit nervous and he was giggling, looking down, touching the bottom of his suit pants. Ga-young chan did not drink her water at all but CM kept drinking water.

CM was not able to get the picture of the clock tower that Ga-young chan drew, He said, "Clock! Rain! Big Clock! Three o'clock! What? What is it? I do not know! Pass~!" ^^;

CM was touching the chain of the bracelet (he was wearing it on his left arm) by his thumb nail on his right hand.

I just realized by reading through the fan accounts on today's Mimi event that.
CM was looking at his audience when he talked. I want to repeat this again, CM was looking at his audience when he talked.
He can do it\(^o^)/

CM: I do not think even my parents knew of this.. but usually I do not talk much but I talk a lot when I am in front of (with) a beautiful lady.

When they need to give autographs, CM took the cap of the pen, give it to Ga-young and let her do the autograph first. At playing games, when he finished his turn, he opened Ga-young's sketch book and again took the cap of the pen and made everything ready for her. He was sweet. I love him.

CM has cherished the memory of the first kiss scene in the art classroom.. on the other hand, Ga-young chan was like, "Why does a girl need to kiss a boy first? Changmin oppa is doing nothing besides sitting and crying.. I had to stand and had to come closer to him…" ^^

What we learned today is that CM has forgotten about what happened during the filming of Mimi and he needed help from fans to get correct answers for quizzes. Ga-young chan said, "I do not think I will meet oppa again" w

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