Clarifying the "game devs" in question. Are they game devs and... #GamerGate

Clarifying the "game devs" in question. Are they game devs and are they really against harassment?

I am going to go through and list every game dev that has said something harassing, supports harassment, or who isn't a game dev. After that, we'll count and see how many support haras
For this list, I will only be using their definition for harassment and not my own.

This is only the "A" section of the list. I will continue on to "B" later on.

1.Aaron Isaksen (Indie Fund, AppAbove Games) - his twitter: has him retweeting a post calling gamers "...a bunch of misogynists" for boycotting certain companies

2.Aaron Starks (Independent) - not a single name under this guy's name.sment or are not game devs.

3.Adam Axbey (A dB of Difference) -,549641/ as you can see here, he's developed no games, as he worked in different parts of gaming and not the development itself, unless we count the tester gig for 2 games.

4. Adam Fletcher (Robot Entertainment) -,479586/ What a list of games. Too bad he's listed for all but developing. A producer wants to speak about harassment. Great.

5.Adam Grant (Independent) - didn't find one involved with games via google or mobygames. Did find this Guess what this Adam likes to talk about? Gender bias.

5-5.Adam Green (Assyria Game Studio Ltd) - he actually has a game to his name and several under his company. So then he's for harassment? If you believe silencing people is harassment. you can see he and kotaku like it when people don't have a voice because they are being mean. He also shared Rock Paper Shotguns ad on twitter for hire. This is an honorable mention, because he seems nice enough and it doesn't seem like he's harassed anyone directly. Would like to know if he has.

6.Adam Jenkins (University of South Australia) -,449815/ Motion capture is NOT GAME DEVELOPMENT.
a person or thing that develops something.

*.Adam Orth (Three One Zero) -,113327/ he's credited for a lot of games, but his website shows only 1, that hasn't been finished yet. "honorable" mention.

7.Adam Saltsman (Finji) - has made several games and was more than willing to "harass" Totalbiscuit several months ago. He apologized and said he was just trying to bait him. Obviously, that somehow makes it right, Adam.

8.Adam Ziegler (Zero Hour Productions) - credited as a tester for one game with a website that has no developed games on it.

9.Addison Smith (Independent) - a mobygames and google search and not a single game to his name.

*.Adrian Crook (Adrian Crook & Associates) - If you go to his website you'd see he's credited himself for these games: but if you take a look at his mobygames page, it's a completely different list,27700/ and his twitter This guy is fishy, but I can't find, right now, anything so honorable mention.

10.Adriano Varoli Piazza (Independent) - I guess any budding DM is a game dev now.

11.Akira Thompson (Independent) -,389330/

12.Alain Tascan (Independent) - there is an Alain Tascan who heads EA Montreal but no independent ones making games.

13.Alan Calderwood (FordArtWorks) - Please, tell me how these are games: Color Me a Dinosaur, cuz something funny to do with extinction.

14.Alan Hinchcliffe (Independent) - He supports Zoe Quinn on his patreon and I can't find a single game to his name.

15.Alan Williamson (Five out of Ten) - this one is great, This one is AMAZING. his company is a magazine: games he's mentioned in,561771/ take note, not as a developer.

16.Alan Yeoh (Nonstop Games) - nonstop games is affiliated with King. King is known for harassing indie devs through the use of copyrights.

17.Alanna Kelly (Independent) - Could not find a game to her name. Her twitter blames men for that:

18.Albert Caynes (Senyac Games) - Senyac makes tabletop and board games, not videogames, which is great because..

19.Albert Caynes (Senyac Games) - he and the company was listed twice. Nice job. So not even 600.

20.Alejandro Quan-Madrid (One Million HP, University of Southern California) - not a single game to his name. He's talked about them and helped make a "webshow" though

21.Aleks Samoylov (Independent) - this seems to be his website: not a single vidja game in site.

22.Alex Beckers (Nexon America) - the company hosts games, they don't make them and he definately wouldn't be a dev anyways,74161/

23. Alex Bronner (Rochester Institute of Technology) - this guy has no games to his name AND...

24.Alex Bronner (Rock Raiders United) - he thinks he's more important than the other fake developers.

*.Alex Harvey - Alex Harvey made Tangiers. One of the games that got a special call out in this list.

25.Alex Poli (Independent) - Not a game dev, a voice actor.,447747/

26.Alex Thompson (80P Gaming) - Based on his "company" I doubt this is even him,76693/ but none of those positions are one for game development. How hard should that be to understand?

27.Alexa Papadopoulos (Independent) - not a single game to her name can be found.

28.Alexander Cobleigh (Independent) - Not a game dev at all

29.Alexander Jones (Independent) - closest I could find:,584793/ not a game dev

30.Alexander Ocias (Independent) - I like the guy's work, but not a single game. He's not a game dev: some good pixel art work though. Too bad he has no appreciation for "gamers".

31.Alexander Zacherl (Fairytale Distillery) - "Fuck "gamer culture". Misogyny, hate campaigns, rabid consumerism and fanboidom have never been worth celebrating. " from his twitter:

32.Alexandru Iosup (Delft University of Technology) - Not a single game under this guy's name.

33.Allan Alansari (MoonDigital) - the company seems to be fake and the guy hasn't made a single game.

34.Allan Schumacher (BioWare) - woah now, BioWare!? Oh wait:,419941/ not a game developer

*.Amanda Williams (Tiger Style, Independent) -,442059/

35.Ana Barbuta (Guerrilla Games) -,273919/ development is a four letter word for these people.

36.Anastassia Waddell (Visual College of Art and Design) - not a game developer, but based on pics I saw

37.Anchel Labena (EUCROMA) - again, no games at all

38.Anders Brevik (Kvasir Games) - does not make video games, if you are into kids card games however:

39.Anders Hillestad (Antagonist) - they're working on a game, but don't have one out yet. Really seems people are trying to advert through this list.

40.Anders Howard (Epic Games) -,217792/ No games developed.

41.Andre Doucet (University of Baltimore) - never made a game

42.Andrea Benavides (EA) - supposedly works at EA. Could only find on twitter:

43.Andrea Schmoll (Arkane Studios) - gotta love that only game this person had anything to do with,382589/ still not a game dev.

44.Andreas Lanjerud (DICE) - quite the developer this one. you can find him on his twitter callout youtube "shit crap" and mocking French people and their country.

45.Andreas Lopez (Ultra Wolf) - not credited for a single game.

46.Andrei Marks (Independent) - not a single game to his name

47.Andrew Barton (Independent) -,312257/

48.Andrew Eiche (Birdcage Games) - not a single game made

49.Andrew Fischer (Fantasy Flight Games) - not a game dev,398139/

50.Andrew Krause (Alien Bug) -,548325/

51.Andrew Phelps (Rochester Institute of Technology) - this one is absurd. They knew for a fact he wasn't a game developer. Kotaku is horrid.

52.Andrew Sweeney (Wilmington University) - no records of games made

53.Andrew Wooldridge (Triptych) - he says it himself

54.Andrien Gbinigie (Ubisoft Montreal) - community manager is equal to game dev now. Dina's wish fulfilled.

55.Andy Rohrmann (scntfc) - Not a game dev

56.Anthony Ortega (Harrisburg University of Science and Technology) - not a game dev

57.Anthony Panecasio (Ubisoft Toronto) - not a game dev,595482/

58.Antoine Guillou ( - not a game dev,242029/

59.Antoine Pintout (Independent) - not a game dev

60.Aphra Kerr (National University of Ireland Maynooth) - not a game dev

61.Aras Pranckevičius (Unity Technologies) - not a dev,393567/

62.Arjan Lindeboom (arjandotorg, World of Tilia) - not a game dev

63.Arvind Iyer (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) - not a game dev

64.Asheesh Gulati (University of Geneva, Switzerland) - has not made a game

65.Asi Burak (Games for Change) - pay close attention,217830/ notice what he didn't do? Develop any video games.

66.Aubrey Norris (Deep Silver) - This is a good one:,372158/

67.Austin Mageles (Independent) - Not a single game to his name

68.Austin Speth (Independent) - not a game dev

69.Ayan Debnath (Future iOsoft Technology) - Not a game dev

So this is all of the "A"s in the 600 dev letter.

69 out of 109 names are either not developers or promote harassment.

That is over half the number

and many that I left in, made 1 game, or something just slightly contributed to a game. If the bar is set so low, then we are all game devs. Every single one of us. And there are more of us then there are of them, so their bigoted letter is meaningless. They lose. Game over SJWs, game over.

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