Account info

This is a roleplay account.

Some basic information about the way I'm running it:

- No "writer" interactions

- No RL issues

- Pretty much no OoC tweets. If they occur they can be recognized by their brackets. Expl. ((Hello, I'm the roleplayer!))

- Everyone is free to chat or RP with Ed. No matter if with a RP or RL account

- You're free to respond/RP to any tweet you like. Even to older ones. Every tweet serves as a potential "Open RP" or “starter” and any reaction is very welcome

- Tweets are always IC and do not necessarily have to match my personal opinions/views. Don't be offended

- If tweets or responses appear snarky or repulsing it's due to Ed's character. Do not take it personal

- Please note that I'm not always able to reply within a certain time span. Replies may take several days or even weeks, depending on whatever RL issues, matters of inspiration, energy or such.

- I reserve the right to ignore replies/mentions/interactions which do not strike my interest. But overall I try to be open-minded to everyone

- Please refrain from replying to closed roleplay storylines/ threads/interactions without being invited to

- You can ask Ed a question on his account: But mind that all answers are IC

- You're free to DM me if you have any questions. Ed may be dismissive, but I'm not

OoC = out of character
IC = in character
RL = real life
RP = roleplay
DM = direct message
Open RP = a tweet/convo that provides a certain setting for any interested RPer to react to

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