**BREAKING NEWS UPDATE* RT! RT! Today's Grind and Arrests. A sad day for Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands. You can hear them screaming.

Total Sea Shepherd volunteers confirmed arrested: 14
Total number of whales killed: 33
Total number Sea Shepherd boats seized: 3
Total number of pods successfully driven back to sea over the last two Months: 3

Evidence of Danish Navy Intervention to Support the Killing of Whales: Priceless

Boat Crew Arrested

1. Bastien Boudoire (French)
2. Jérôme Bonpied (French)
3. Guido Capezzoli (French)
4. Tiphaine Blot (French)
5. Baptiste Brebel (French)
6. Antoine Le Dref (French)
7. Céline Le Dourion (French)
8. Krystal Keynes (Australian)

Land Crew Arrested

9. Maggie Gschnitzer Italy
10. Rorigio Gilkuri is from Mexico
11. Nikki Botha (south Africa)
12. Monnique Rossouw (South Africa)
13. Sergio Toribio (Spain)
14. Alexandra Sellet (France)

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