Media Censorship through Virtue


Throughout the past two weeks, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and 4chan have all exploded through a controversy that has come out through a completely unrelated event regarding nepotism and cronyism. This event has been spread through multiple sources through gaming and even some nongaming media circles, as well as some unrelated Twitter users spreading false information about these events.

As many people know, the #4Chan4Woman movement has taken place in order to help fund @TFYCapitalists charity which helps fund female game designers ideas through funding, as well as help donate to Colorectal Cancer research and cures. Unfortunately, this charity was, in fact, censored and attacked for attempting to bring positivity into female's roles in gaming journalism and the medium by none other than people that claim to believe in woman's rights.(1)

What I want to discuss in this tweet is the factor of "censorship." While seemingly unrelated to the topic at hand, censorship, and personal attacks against those who wish to speak about this topic have NOT come from the websites Reddit, Tumblr, OR 4chan, but supports of those that believe in the anti-mysoginistic groups within gaming journalism. The terms for these people that is commonly used is "SJW" (or Social Justice Warrior in case many people are not aware.)

In order to explain one thing more clearly; I am NOT white. This should not even be relevant, however, given the circumstances of what a lot of people learned is that race plays a big role on who is and isn't silenced; Or at least it USED too, now that even minorities and women are being personally attacked by these SJW groups. I may get posts telling me regardless that I have "never experience oppression" but I know oppression when I see it through my own life and experiences. In most cases, the oppressor feels it is justified, and then blame the victims of the oppression in some form. This is what I want to discuss today.

Getting to the Point:

The movement involved with spreading misinformation regarding Zoe Quinn's involvment in cronyism, is in fact, oppressing the freedom of speech of men and women of multiuple nationalities(2) in order to push forward a goal of silencing those that speak against total control of gaming media. Many of the supports of this find this to be a case of oppsition and labels all of those that wish to share their thoughts as "mysoginistic" or "sexist" in order to silence those with the will to speak.(3)

While details are fuzzy as to why this is a very hard pressed topic and what exactly these websites are hiding,(4) there is much evidence to support this defimation of character against multiple outspoken supports of free speech(5)(6) is soley for the sake of monetary control. This also includes @TFYCapitalists charity(7) as it was supporing of woman's rights in a way the groups did not agree too.

Freedom of Speech:

What IS freedom of speach, and why do people wish it to be censored? Well, in this case, freedom of speech seems to mostly be in favor if use of vocabulary, even if it's not deemed politically correct for comedic value, but in some cases, properly used yet still being mistaken as an insult in order to defame people who use these words. When not talking about just words but actions, that deals with "freedom of expression." This includes artistic expression such as those found in video games and comedy respectively.

I cannot deny that I, myself, have used words that can offend people, however, that doesn't deter me from my views that even being able to say things for either comedic or sample reasoning (Like reading a book aloud in a class room that contains a slur.) is in fact a part of both freedom of speech and a HUMAN RIGHT.

Human Rights:

This is probably one of the biggest reasoning why this topic is important. As much as people don't want to admit, the #4Chan4Woman movement has, in fact, been VERY beneficial to woman's rights more so that many people within the SJW movement have contributed, as it is a direct contribution to those that want to share their concepts and ideas in a medium that's usually known for not having a lot of female game developers or employees. That is a fight for human rights, even if the supports have been criticized and even BLAMED for the events that have happaned in the past two weeks.

Social justice warriors DO NOT BELIEVE IN HUMAN RIGHTS OR FREE SPEECH. They wish to eliminate ALL those that choose to not be censored, and they bully those who wish to speak freely, which is something they are allowed to do. Criticism that is fair and honest is taken as attacks since it gets in the way of what these groups believe in. Anybody who actively share's their mind is a "target."(8)

If game developers or comedians had no human rights, we would not even have most of the video games we have today. In fact, the goal of the people who wish to oppress freedom of speech is to change the media in order to control it.(9) It's not social justice, it's an oppressive attack on all people of all ages and races. It isn't for woman's rights, it's for creating fear for women saying "we're right." They denounce the that criticism is about gender, and yet, they make all of their motives about gender race and health like if they have a say to judge other's because of their personal titles.

The aggressors hid behind a title of 'social justice' to mask the fact that their actions were a complete injustice. They used the title to guise themselves under an innocent and unquestioning light. They judge and attack others like they're entitled to do so due to their label. That's exactly what they claim others are doing, and people who want to play video games are having their thoughts oppressed. Their demeaning attitude and agenda pushing has raised public outcry from widely known and popular members of the gaming community, but they still blame the average person to plays video games?

I support all of those that have been open to helping women break out in the industry. That's a great cause that I can applaud your actions. When the people who claim to fight for these rights do so by silencing and hurting others far worse than they claim to be(10) while claiming those that oppose them are worse than terrorist(11) in order to limit what can be said and evoke fear, the opprosed is now the oppressor.

If you wish to help out with the charity, spread the word to the donation page:


(1) and
(2) (Her account has been suspended due to reports after personal attacks.)

Co-written and proofread with @DatingSims

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