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27th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

@Guardian deleted this 5* inoffensive post, please RT #Rotherham #RotherhamAbuse

27 Aug 2014 11:49
The Guardian and the PC establishment is complicit in creating the climate of PC fear which, it seems, was the reason these monsters weren't stopped earlier.

I used to live in High Wycombe. I bought a house on the edge of large Pakistani area, 100 yards from a mosque. The house was on a street that was almost 100% non-Pakistani. Regularly on a Sunday night, gangs of Pakistani children would run down our street throwing eggs at windows and daubing graffiti (mostly obscene, sometimes along the lines of 'kuffars') on doors. My neighbours and I grew fed up with this, so we went to see the local Imam. He apologised profusely and the 'raids' ceased immediately. All well and good... except when I related the story to some of my Guardian-wielding accusers they accused me of being a racist. "How do you know they were Pakistani? What does it matter?" etc etc. I was made to feel like some sort of Nazi thug, even though I had happily bought a house in a Muslim area whereas my Guardian reading friends lived in leafy, all-white suburbs. And not only that, I had made the local Imam a personal friend. It made me very sensitive to the PC though police and how it was controlling our society. After that it was very easy to spot PC thought police at work.

The 'Asian sex grooming' gangs story broke a few years ago, but of course it was only papers such as the Daily Mail that gave it any sort of realistic coverage. The word amongst the leafy suburb-dwelling PC brigade was that it was along the lines of "of course the DM would print that sort of rubbish" and anyone who thought the story was true, or that it pointed to an underlying problem of greater proportions, was accused of being an islamophobe or a nasty waycist.

This is the climate under which the Rotherham social services probably worked. Decent staff in fear of their jobs, and PC staff protecting their PC credentials. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more precious to the politically correct than their PC credentials. They will turn a blind eye to abuse, rape even... it took a murder for them to reluctantly stir themselves into some sort of action.

By showering all and sundry with ridiculous accusations of racism, bigotry and (ludicrously) 'islamophobia' , the 'elite' (=comfortable leafy suburb-dwelling condescending self-righteous pompous pillocks) have created a climate in which it was easy for these thugs to commit their crimes.

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