TRANS VOGUE JAPAN×Tohoshinki Making Video
cr: @magaratta

It was the first time for Changmin-san to have a Champagne shower and he seemed to be enjoying it so much that we had to ask him to control his facial expression (he was just too happy).

I heard that Yunho-san can drink alcohol only a little, but he had one, two, three sips of Champagne.. His hairstylist told him not to drink coz alcohol makes him blushing :)

As usual, Yunho-san was singing songs during the photo shoot. When we first met for their Vogue interview in 2010, he sang a lot of songs. He said, "I wanna enjoy while I am working, don't you agree with me?" Certainly! It is the best to have fun at work.

Changmin-san really loved the texture of the fur. When he took off the jacket, he was wearing a no-sleeve inner shirt that was A-line shaped and very cute. Its too bad that we could not include the whole picture.

For the interview, we had strawberry and assorted danishes on the table. However, Yunho-san chose Melon-pan (pan = bread in JPN). Do you like Melon-pan? I asked him. Yunho-san said, "Yes, I love it. I had it yesterday."

We wanted to capture scenes when they were writing their autographs. However, the shooting clue was a bit late. Yunho-san and Changmin-san immediately understood the situation without saying anything and took more time to write their autographs. This little incident shows clearly how kind they are. You could feel how attractive they are as they are in TREE DVD.

Melon-pan: Melon-pan is a popular traditional Japanese snack bread. A typical melon-pan is made of a bread dough covered with a thin layer of a cookie dough.

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