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21st Aug 2014 from TwitLonger


About 15 years ago, I (Jason) was living somewhere south of San Francisco. I can't even remember where. I was still in my 20's, and might have still been living with my parents. Anyway, a few good friends lived in "the city" (the name we in the Bay Area call San Francisco) and they would get together once a week or so and go out. One time, they invited me to join as they were going to a comedy club. I just didn't feel like driving up that night, so I stayed home. At the end of the comedy performance, the emcee announced: "We have one more comedian to introduce to you. He's new to this and very shy, so please give him a warm welcome". To everyone's shock, Robin Williams came on stage and, of course, had everyone in stitches. He was so funny and was such an unexpected surprise to have a major celebrity perform at this small club. Obviously, nobody knew, and if I had known, I would have made the drive up. My friends would tell this story occasionally, and I would always regret not going out that night, and seeing one of my favorite performers. Robin Williams was so talented and authentic, believable in whatever role he was playing.
The heartfelt tributes that have come forth since his death are a testament to him being much more than a tremendous talent, but also a wonderful human being.
I thought last week, the hardest thing for me would be to announce Hidden Cash is stopping our cash drops. It wasn't. Learning of Robin Williams' death was much harder. I actually cried hearing some of the stories and tributes to this wonderful man. Although I have never met him and missed my chance to see him perform, the man was an inspiration in many ways. A genuinely kind and giving person, he entertained the troops and the homeless alike. He brought joy to millions with his performances on the screen, and he truly cared about people. Hopefully, his tragic death will lead to more people talking about depression and seeking help. In terms of what he accomplished in his life, and the kind of person he was, he is a role model to us, and we at Hidden Cash mourn the loss of a great man, who also called San Francisco home. Here is one of my favorite tributes:


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