Raiders FB Marcel Reece calls his injury a "foot issue" to me: Catch-up summary: Oakland Raiders FB Marcel Reece is dealing with a foot injury that he suffered last week. Initially the injury was thought to be potentially serious after Reece was seen wearing a walking boot after the preseason game against the Lions last Friday. Thereafter some reports indicated Reece was "out indefinitely." Yet after the team announced Reece was getting an MRI on Monday, he was at practice on Tuesday--reportedly with limited participation. Tuesday evening I received a text that Reece is managing a specific foot injury. I told Reece I heard what his injury potentially is. I wanted to hear Reece respond for himself, discuss it through his own perspective and characterize his own degree of pain--to the extent of his comfort level, of course.

The word is that your MRI showed there's "an issue" with your foot, but you are aren't completely resting it. What's going on?

"I'm going to put it the best way that I can. When you put a hunter in the position to hunt, he's going to hunt. When that's all you know. That's all you know."

"We are going to see how it goes. If I don't feel I can contribute and I'm going to hurt myself even more then I will talk to the trainer, I'll talk to the owner, Reggie (McKenzie) and my running backs coach and figure out how they feel about it."

You are the CEO of your own body and you need your feet in this league, right? Do you need the trainer to tell you what is common sense when it comes to rest?

"Like I said, I feel good. I feel better right now. It's only been a day."

"The only thing that will tell is time. I have to take the time and I have to listen to my body. Whatever my body tells me to do, that is what I am going to do."

"I'm telling you I'm fine, because I feel fine right now. If I wake up in the morning and it doesn't feel good then I'm going to shut it down, but I just don't see that happening with me."

"My mentality is nothing has ever come easy for me. I have always worked through things and it's never been too big of an issue for me. So, I have to go for what I know. I was built like this. I'm built to endure and inflict pain. If it's a little pain but I'm still able to be productive and run then I'm going to endure that pain. That's just me. But if it's too bad and I'm going to make it worse then I'm not going to do it. I'm still smart about it, but I guess you can say I'm stubborn too."

You sound comfortable with where you are as of this moment with your foot injury. So why not say specifically what is is?

"Nobody needs to know that's why. They don't need to know what is technically going on with me. It's not technically a stress fracture either. I'll tell you that."

Is that like one saying they are kind of pregnant?

"(laugh) No, it's not."

Then what is it?

"It's a foot issue. I will tell you this. It happened early in the game Friday against Detroit. I continued to play on it and after the game I got an X-ray. The X-ray was negative at first. Then, the problem continued so we had to go ahead and get an MRI because sometimes certain things show up later. There's fluid, there's some swelling, but it did happen in the game. A lot of people (thought) it happened in Sunday's practice but it happened in the game. I just went out to Sunday's practice because I wanted to practice for my teammates."

Will you visit Dr. Robert Anderson (a renowned foot and ankle specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina)?

"I don't think that's necessary for me. If it's starts hurting again I may send him my MRI. I may send it to him (Wednesday) just because."

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